3 Easy, Money Making Internet Business Models

Written by Gobala Krishnan

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3) Internet Based Network Marketing

I've heard many people say thatrepparttar Internet and network marketing are a match made in heaven. In my opinion, though, almost 90% of people get it wrong when it comes to Internet based network marketing. People in this business usually think they're talking about network marketing, but in reality they are talking about affiliate marketing.

They try to makerepparttar 135485 Internet do allrepparttar 135486 work. They hide behind their computers and pretend everything's going great. They focus on selling more and more every month. They have systems that are so complicated only they can understand it. Well, that doesn't sound like network marketing to me!

Internet based network marketing is simple if you understand it, and are willing to put inrepparttar 135487 effort. The role ofrepparttar 135488 Internet here is only to get yourepparttar 135489 names and contact details of people you can talk to, after which YOU, not a computer, has to build a relationship with these people and help them to start their own business.

For this simple purpose, it is not necessary for you to have a high-tech system and pretend that your auto responder is building relationships for you. It's not going to work. The key is to have simple systems that are duplicable, something you can teach to all those people you have built a relationship with. For this purpose I use NetMarkPro at http://www.netmarkpro.net/globalmillionaire and teach my own affiliates to use it too.

E-book authors, no matter what they say, have no obligation to teach you their "Secret Strategies to Become a Millionaire” of any variations to that. The reason is simple; why tell yourepparttar 135490 absolute truth when you'll end up as their competitor? No one wants more competitors, right?

Internet based network marketing is very muchrepparttar 135491 opposite of that. You HAVE to tell people EVERYTHING you know or your business will never take off. For this reason alone, I always recommend that if you're new torepparttar 135492 online world, you need to first join an Internet based network marketing business at least to learn. Rest assured, no one will be selling you half-baked truths when their success ultimately depends on yours.

These arerepparttar 135493 Top 3 most popular online business models today. There are more, of course, and you can read about it at http://case-studies.sitesell.com/globalmillionaire.html

No matter which model you choose, make sure you understandrepparttar 135494 basics, and stop listening to and buying things that are not applicable to your business. Information overload can stop you before you even get started.

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Why You Should Use (Not Abuse) Forums to Increase Your Traffic

Written by Tinu AbayomiPaul

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The focus here, at all times, is to help other members, not just to promote your product. Your link is in your signature, so unless someone asks you a specific question, you get far better results from being helpful than you do by posting forum spam that gets deleted anyway.

3- Lurk, Listen and Learn

If you've been around forums at all, you already know that there are often 8 to ten times more people registered and not posting than there are people who actually visit and participate.

Reading without ever posting is commonly known as "lurking". I usually suggest that at least forrepparttar first week, you should monitorrepparttar 135458 community you wish to join in this way, just reading posts, and learningrepparttar 135459 personality ofrepparttar 135460 forum you'd like to post in - this keeps you from committing any faux pas that might have you corrected by another member, or even worse, banned.

Sometimes you'll find a forum that is appropriate to read, but doesn't seem likerepparttar 135461 right place for commercial posting. Or you might find that you're there to learn and not to teach - or maybe you just don't haverepparttar 135462 time to post as you'd like to. You can still learn a lot by being a lurker.

When lurking in forums, your primary job is to listen (figuratively speaking) and learn. Again, pay attention to questions that come up repeatedly overrepparttar 135463 course of a month or so. Be onrepparttar 135464 look out for rumored product or technology developments. Find out who isrepparttar 135465 resident expert - maybe this isrepparttar 135466 key person for an interview you want to do, or an affiliate program you can join.

The most important thing you can learn from this exercise is what annoyances your market is experiencing. If you sell cat furniture, and you find out that a common complaint is availability in remote markets, maybe you can change your shipping policy to add international ordering and increaserepparttar 135467 scope of your business.

Anywhere you can fit a solution to a problem can bring yourepparttar 135468 sales you need. You may find out that you need to change your product, to enhance it, or perhaps to take out features your prospects just aren't interested in.

This is a good solution when you haverepparttar 135469 time to visit forums and post or read. As you become more busy, you'll find yourself atrepparttar 135470 forums less and less as a poster, so this isn't necessarily a permanent solution. However, if you follow these steps correctly, you'll soon haverepparttar 135471 traffic to foster more community relations at your own site as well.

Tinu is a website promotion specialist who posts free information on a variety of traffic tips in her blog at http://www.freetraffictip.com .

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