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You could either publishrepparttar updates via e-mail or on a password protected web site. The updates could be a few articles or full chapters. Every time you publish an update you could include an ad for another product you sell.


Give away your e-information products and make money by selling advertising space withinrepparttar 108538 content you write. Your advertisers would have to be related torepparttar 108539 subject of your content in order to blend in a subtle message mentioning their offer without sounding like an ad.

This e-info business model could be successful because it's not likerepparttar 108540 in-your-face ads that people are known to ignore. People will read them because they're actually interested inrepparttar 108541 content and have requested to read or downloadrepparttar 108542 e-info. Your advertisers will likely see a jump in their traffic and sales, if done correctly. Which means they will probably reorder advertising again and again.

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Personal Profile Of The Week: Jim Edwards

Written by Larry Dotson

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Years In Business: since 1997

No.1 Marketing Strategy: Provide massive value - over- deliver on every promise!

Most Prized Possession:repparttar knowledge I have learned / gathered overrepparttar 108537 years

Indoor Hobbies/Interests/Activities: Video game junkie - "Half Life" "Counter Strike"

Outdoor Hobbies/Interests/Activities: walking

Favorite Software/Video Game: "Tomb Raider I, II, IV"

Favorite TV Show(s): "Crocodile Hunter"

Favorite Movie(s): "Saving Private Ryan"; "Platoon"; "The Nutty Professor - Klumps"; Allrepparttar 108538 Indiana Jones movies

Favorite Book(s): "Starship Troopers"

Favorite Food(s): anything Mexican

Favorite Beverage(s): O'Douls

Favorite Actor(s)/Actress(s): Harrison Ford

Favorite Music Artist(s)/Group(s): U2; Willie Nelson; Gregorian Chants; Bob Marley

Favorite Sport Athlete(s)/Team(s): Dan Marino / Miami Dolphins

Favorite Color(s): blue

Favorite Place(s) To Visit: Mexico / Bahamas

Your Dream Possession/Vacation: My own carribbean island!

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