3 Dangerous FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) Myths

Written by Steven Austin

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That may be why some unscrupulous collectors still violaterepparttar law. Of course, as already noted, breakingrepparttar 138077 law is not a good idea, sincerepparttar 138078 collectors will lose much if not all of whatever moral standing they might have had. Besides, who wants to be sued for damages—especially byrepparttar 138079 person who still owes you money?

Reality: it’s inrepparttar 138080 best interest of anyone who owes money to document any FDCPA violations, and inrepparttar 138081 best interest of debt collectors to follow fair debt collection practices scrupulously.

The Number-One FDCPA Myth:repparttar 138082 Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is hard to follow

Fact:repparttar 138083 Act’s requirements are nothing more than common sense and basic courtesy. The days of debtors’ prison or publishing debtors’ names inrepparttar 138084 newspaper are over, and threats are strictly forrepparttar 138085 mafia. Any attempt to collect a debt through humiliation or intimidation, or anything hinting at intimidation or humiliation, should be avoided.

Reality: The vast majority of violations could have been avoided ifrepparttar 138086 debt collectors had simply put themselves inrepparttar 138087 other person’s shoes and thought about how they would feel if they were treated inrepparttar 138088 same way. This also means that it is not in fact easy for debtors to get out of their obligations by turningrepparttar 138089 tables onrepparttar 138090 organizations to which they owe money.

In short, we’ve come a long way sincerepparttar 138091 days when debtors might have ended up inrepparttar 138092 stocks, andrepparttar 138093 FDCPA is largely to thank. But if you take fair debt collection practices lightly, you may find your troubles make a day inrepparttar 138094 stocks look pleasant.

Joel Walsh is a regular contributor to Collection Agency Information (http://www.collection-agency-information.com). Find out the inside story on debt and collections with secrets gathered from real collection agencies: http://www.collection-agency-information.com/collection-agency-articles/collection-agency-articles.html

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