3 Critical Things Most Families Miss When They Choose An Assisted Living Residence

Written by Molly Shomer

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3. Understand what will trigger a request that your elder move out, and howrepparttar appeal process works. Not all behaviors or medical conditions can be managed in an assisted living setting.

Many families feeling desperate for help don't know that they may be able to avoid making a rushed selection. Many assisted living residences will permit a prospective resident to "try out"repparttar 147082 facility for a week or two without a long-term contract. This is a perfect opportunity for an elder to receive needed care whilerepparttar 147083 family takesrepparttar 147084 time they need to makerepparttar 147085 right decision.

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Molly Shomer specializes in helping the children of aging adults reduce the overwhelming stress of caring for aging parents. She is also the author of "The Insider's Guide To Assisted Living," where families can learn everything they need to know before they sign an assisted living contract. She is nationally recognized as the publisher and "Head Coach" of The Eldercare Team informational site at http://www.eldercareteam.com

Using Hypnotherapy to Treat ADHD

Written by Kim R. Zapf

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It is my belief that individuals with ADHD are gifted. They haverepparttar ability to multitask and often get bored doing one thing at a time. Unfortunately, we live in a world in which learning does not complement this type of mind. Instead of changingrepparttar 147081 way these special people think, hypnosis can teach them to use their innate gifts and to function inrepparttar 147082 western world. There are many books available that provide teachers, parents and individuals with different techniques that can assist withrepparttar 147083 treatment of ADHD. Two books that I would recommend, "The Indigo Child" and "Left Brained Children in a Right Brained World." These books can help people to better understand how those affected with ADHD can fit more comfortably into today's society.

Kim R. Zapf MHt

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Awareness Institute, Director: Kim Zapf, MHt, Toledo, OH or Lambertville, MI

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