35 Deadly Website Sins That will Kill Your Business!

Written by Shelley Lowery

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After receiving many questions, in regard to site design, from my visitors who weren't selected to receive an award, I have devised a list of what I refer to as "35 Deadly Web Site Sins".

- Poor load time - Poor overall appearance - Spelling/Grammar - No contact information - Poor content - Poor navigation - Broken links and graphics - Poor browser compatibility - Large slow loading graphics - Too many graphics - Pages scrolling to oblivion - Multiple use of animated graphics - Animated bullets - Too many graphic and/or line dividers - Busy, distracting backgrounds - Multiple banners and buttons - Poor use of frames - Large fonts - Pop up messages - Over use of java - Poor use of tables - Poor organization - Different backgrounds on each page - Over powering music set to autoplay - Confusing - Too much advertising - Large Welcome banners - Multiple colored text - Text difficult to read - No Meta tags - Multiple use of different fonts - Under construction signs - Scrolling text inrepparttar status bar - Large scrolling text acrossrepparttar 132022 page - Poor use of mouse over effects Take some time to really look at your site. Compare it to sites that you feel look professional. Time your sites load time. Your customers won't wait. Their time is valuable.

The simple, well designed sites makerepparttar 132023 sales. If your sales aren't what you had hoped , take some time to seriously evaluate your site and make some changes before spending your time and money on advertising and marketing. You may be pleasantly surprised.

If you're serious about designing a successful website, I highly recommend Ken Evoy's ebook, "Make Your Site Sell." No matter what you want your Website to sell, MYSS shows you how, like no other book or program ever has. http://www.sitesell.com/websource.html

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Web Source Web Design Tips - Resizing Your Images

Written by Shelley Lowery

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In addition, you can addrepparttar ALT element to enable you to place your most relevant keywords for Search Engine indexing. The text will only be displayed on your web site while your image loads and when your mouse is over it.


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