32 Point Copywriting Checklist to Bulletproof Your Copy

Written by Kris Mills

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13. Have you included testimonials and case studies?

14. Have you included a guarantee?

15. Have you included a limited offer?

16. Doesrepparttar offer have a high perceived value to your reader? Does it interest them?

17. Have you told your readerrepparttar 108190 reasons why you're makingrepparttar 108191 offer?

18. Does your last paragraph summariserepparttar 108192 most powerful sales appeal and create a sense of urgency?

19. Have you told your reader what to do eg. "Call now on xxxxx for xxxx"?

20. Have you made it easy for your reader to respond?

21. Does your copy follow this flow - "Problem, Agitation, Solution"?

22. Is it written in a friendly, easy to understand, conversational tone?

23. Short words, short sentences, short paragraphs?

24. Can you replace any word with another word that packs more of a punch?

25. Have you been specific in your figures not rounded off?

26. Do paragraphs flow into each other well?

27. Have you highlighted important words?

28. Is your copy easy to understand?

29. Are there any redundant words - scrap them?

30. Do you use "you" twice as much as you use "I" or "we"?

31. Is all your copy in active not passive voice?

32. Have you included a PS that creates a further sense of urgency?

Kris Mills of Words that Sell http://www.wordsthatsell.com.au is an experienced direct marketer, copywriter, author and internet marketer.

Six Essential Elements of Successful Sales Letters

Written by Joanne L. Mason

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Success Element #5: Give Customers a Reason to Act Now

The “everyday low prices” marketing tactics may work for huge retail stores but your small business will quickly be out of business unless you give customers a compelling reason to act now. Do you wantrepparttar customer to call now for a free estimate, visit your shop or web site for “Two-for-Tuesdays”, or purchase today and receive a free bonus? Determine what immediate action you want customers to take and be sure to specifically tell them to do it. Success Element #6: PS…Don’t Forget to Use Your Postscript

Afterrepparttar 108189 headlinerepparttar 108190 second most read part of every sales letter isrepparttar 108191 PS, orrepparttar 108192 postscript. This is why it’s absolutely crucial that you use a PS on every single sales letter you ever write. Userepparttar 108193 PS to summarize your offer, introduce an extra bonus or set a limit forrepparttar 108194 offer. Be sure that your PS is intriguing enough to get your customer to go back and read your entire sales letter.

Now you haverepparttar 108195 six essential elements of successful sales letters. Even if your marketing efforts are doing okay, a winning sales letter you can actually double or even triplerepparttar 108196 results you're getting now. Apply these six elements to your sales letters and watch your profits soar!

Joanne L. Mason is the publisher of the Sales Letters Secrets, your source for great ideas, tips and techniques for creating winning sales letters. Get your FREE subscription online at www.moneymakingsalesletters.com/ezine.html Discover How To Instantly Grab The Attention Of More Customers And Increase Your Sales By Up To 1700%" http://www.moneymakingsalesletters.com/greatheadlines

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