2much Success Delays LiveCamNetwork Upgrade

Written by Sid Zombay

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Site SEO and online presence was also increased after Media & Communications manager Greg Jones gaverepparttar site and its network a going over. "The result was that many non-industry people heard aboutrepparttar 131507 software," said Jones. "Quite a few regular mainstream guys and girls have acquired a system as their introduction torepparttar 131508 internet."

Non-adult entrepreneurs were apparently more open to a new business and technology model, according to Jones, which is basicallyrepparttar 131509 concept of independantly operated live video chat sites.

New owners and operators found they needed no programming knowledge to engage and manage their online business. All they needed wasrepparttar 131510 acquisition of traffic, and an abiltiy to learn online management and networking for advertising.

The next version of LiveCamNetwork, or LCN V2.0, will continue its trend of development by incorporatingrepparttar 131511 suggested changes and new ideas all these webmasters and entrepreneurs have suggested.

"We had no idea this was going to berepparttar 131512 success it has become," Prince said. "Had we known we could have stopped selling 1.9 to work on 2.0, or just not announcerepparttar 131513 upgrade so soon."

The company has had to focus on maintenance, security and support overrepparttar 131514 last six months ofrepparttar 131515 1.9 release, and this has prevented ongoing testing and implementation of 2.0

"But this is all forrepparttar 131516 better," Jones stated. "This way we'll have a hell of a network ready forrepparttar 131517 upgrade, which will feature customized niched model selection and advertising possibilities, more models, and more fun onrepparttar 131518 front end forrepparttar 131519 visitors. V2.0 is coming, it's just going to be better than if we'd released it last month."


Zombay writes for iSN News as well as doing SEO for a variety of sites.

How to Make More Money with Google AdSense

Written by Pinyo Bhulipongsanon

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  • placement - location ofrepparttar ad onrepparttar 131505 page, i.e., top, bottom, side, integrated, etc.
  • layout - leaderboard, banner, tower, etc.
  • color scheme - standout color scheme, versus blend in color scheme.
  • Use channel and data gathered to experiment withrepparttar 131506 above combinations to optimizerepparttar 131507 click through rate.
  • Etc.
  • In any case, never ever ask your visitor to click onrepparttar 131508 ads or do it yourself. This is against Google AdSense TOS and you will get thrown out ofrepparttar 131509 program.

    Increase How Wellrepparttar 131510 Ads Pay

    Your option will be limited with an established sites because you have to keep web pages relevant torepparttar 131511 site theme, but you can create new sites to cater to more expensive keywords. You can do this by going to Google AdWords and see what advertiser are paying per click (you do not have to sign up to do this). For example, these are some words and recommended bid:
    • Well, you getrepparttar 131512 idea.
      • $1.56 - "webmaster"
      • $20.00 - "web hosting" WOW!!!
      • $0.62 - "forums"
    • Create web pages relevant to your site, but optimized torepparttar 131513 selected keywords.
    • Avoidrepparttar 131514 use of low paying words that may confuse AdSense.

    I hope this basic tutorial will give you a good foundation and allows you to become a more successful advertisment publish, that is, to make more money with Google AdSense.

    Pinyo Bhulipongsanon is the owner of GreatNexus.com, a webmaster resources site with features such as webmaster forums, webmaster directory, webmaster dictionary, programming scripts, and webmaster articles.

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