29 Activites Effective Leaders Do to Keep Their Organization Growing

Written by Tim Sales, author of "Brilliant Compensation"

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13. Atrepparttar company conventionsrepparttar 122512 leader will introducerepparttar 122513 corporate staff to their organization and vise versa. Evenrepparttar 122514 order takers! Takerepparttar 122515 time to do this because it creates a sense of belonging for bothrepparttar 122516 corporate staff as well asrepparttar 122517 distributors. Imaginerepparttar 122518 difference when a biochemist for a company has met 100 real people with dreams and passions about selling his/her product. Do you think that creates a stronger passion forrepparttar 122519 biochemist to create better products? Absolutely. All of this “belonging” and “passion” was created because of your leadership.

14. A leader in network marketing isrepparttar 122520 switchboard of information and communication. They’re not “inrepparttar 122521 loop.” They ARErepparttar 122522 loop.

15. A leader can always be reached by fax, email and or phone. Returned communication will occur in less than 24 hours. If that’s not a possibilityrepparttar 122523 message will indicate that it might be longer.

16. A leader never exposes weakness and fear to their organization. Some view me as being “inhuman” or robotic on this. What I mean by this is thatrepparttar 122524 leader must always maintain their certainty aboutrepparttar 122525 business opportunity. I’ve never met a person in my life that doesn’t have fear and weaknesses. If you’ve got fears or doubts about your company get over them or get out. Fly torepparttar 122526 company today and get your concerns handled. Come back and be a rock for your group. I guarantee they’ll follow you. Conversely, share with them your little uncertainties and they’ll be so relieved that you’re “human” and…they’ll also find another leader to follow.

17. Recognizing that everyone is growing, a leader never invalidatesrepparttar 122527 efforts of anyone in his or her organization. One person brings six guests to a meeting, another brings two, andrepparttar 122528 third brings none. The leader is able to notice that person number three is there – which might have been a major growth step for them. So instead of criticizing them for not bringing a guest – they praise them for being there.

18. The leader is always searching for and praising something about his or her people. “Little babies love praise, but grown men will die for it.” Men in battle will risk their lives for a ¼” x ½” ribbon they pin onto their shirt above their left chest pocket. They wear this ribbon forrepparttar 122529 world to see. Forgo praise and you’ve missed out onrepparttar 122530 most powerful tool in your leadership arsenal. Praise for things they’ve yet to do, and you’ll create a person who withdraws fromrepparttar 122531 group because you made them a fake.

19. If you share this list with your group – share whose content it is. If you don’t you will also be guilty ofrepparttar 122532 last sentence of item #18. Seeking praise, respect, fame, etc. for what you didn’t do, makes you feel like a fake.

20. A leader uses and teaches new technologies in their organization – but only if it truly works. Don’t drive your organization down dead ends.

21. Leaders are ethical examples. If you “sneak” your people pastrepparttar 122533 registration table you’ve just ruined their perception of you. They can never trust you and they shouldn’t. You’ve got one shot at doing this right.

22. A leader creates alliances with needed national and international (if applicable) groups to ensure their group has support and representation. If no group exists, build it.

23. Leaders are more concerned aboutrepparttar 122534 growth of their people thanrepparttar 122535 growth of their bonus check. Focus onrepparttar 122536 growth of your people, your bonus check will take care of itself.

24. A leader never says what they can get others to say. Example: My company calls and says, “We’d like you to speak atrepparttar 122537 company convention.” I accept graciously, and then ask “Would it be possible for me to include a new leader named _________? They’re a good speaker and I would love to sharerepparttar 122538 stage with them.” See, a leader wants his or her people to be leaders.

25. A leader never, ever speaks ill of anyone – even if they deserve it.

26. A leader acknowledges other leaders inrepparttar 122539 room. “We are honored to have inrepparttar 122540 room with us Mrs. 77. She conducts business meetings inrepparttar 122541 44 area.”

27. A leader doesn’t get bent out of shape because they don’t get a return phone call fromrepparttar 122542 corporate office – orrepparttar 122543 upline! More than once I’ve sent pizza to a department with special instructions torepparttar 122544 delivery person telling them to say, “This pizza has already been paid for by Tim Sales. He asks only that after enjoyingrepparttar 122545 pizza that you call him at 555-3797.” Everyone laughs and guess what? You get a phone call withrepparttar 122546 right tone in their voice for getting something done. Anyone can complain – they’re use to that. A leader finds amusement in creating more effective forms of communication.

28. A leader has a crystal clear vision about their networking marketing company and where they’re taking it. Ifrepparttar 122547 company doesn’t have something, they don’t complain, they figure out how to convincerepparttar 122548 company to get it.

29. A leader, after reviewing this list will print it out and does at least one item everyday.

There are more – but this should get you started.

With growing respect and admiration for you,

Tim Sales

Near the end of an 11-year tour with the US Navy Underwater Bomb Squad Team, Tim answered an ad in a newspaper that led him to his first and only network marketing company. Five years later his MLM income rose to over $150,000 per month with over 56,000 people in his group. His most noted contribution to the industry is the "Brilliant Compensation" presentation. Tim is also a teacher at the Network Marketing Certificate Seminar sponsored by the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The Truth about MLM

Written by Lynne Schulze

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