"25 Proven Strategies For Improving Your Telephone Results To Build Your MLM Dowline."

Written by Jason Clark

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16. Opening statements should be scripted, but never read. Your opening statement should come across naturally and conversational. Write your opening statementrepparttar same way as you speak. Role-play with your upline or coach. Learn it word for word and memorise it. It helps to establishrepparttar 122486 opening rapport and learn about your prospects primary wants.

17. Go back to your inactive down line and call them. “We hadrepparttar 122487 opportunity to work together last year”… Situations change! See where they’re at and if you can work together again.

18. Pause after you have asked a question for two to three seconds (golden silence). Give prospects time to respond. Don’t answer for them. It applies when they ask you a question. Show you’re concerned about responding to them. Think through what you’re going to say back to them. Adds credibility. Take notes about your conversations and use keywords your prospect has used.

19. Listen for tones and feelings behind your prospects words. There is hidden meaning in what we say, by how we say it. Face-to-face it’s called body language. It shows you’ve been educated on how to do things properly. How we say something is as important as we say it.

20. Don’t get frustrated when someone answers your call and are in a rush. Accept people can be occupied with others things. Gage your response, initial questions or call back at a more convenient time.

21. Practice listening onrepparttar 122488 phone and off. Most of us are guilty of selective hearing. Learn not to be judgemental or biased…listen to information and then process it.

22. If you have done everything right your prospect will volunteer to join or purchase your product…don’t count on it. Close your prospects. Simply ask them what their next step is. What is their plan? When? Follow up and follow through.

23. Use questions to strike with prospects convictions. Their conviction may not be strong enough yet. Strengthen their convictions by asking questions… What do you suggest we do from here? They will tell you.

24. Ask for a commitment with conviction. Is there any reason why you won’t join XYZ Company today? Is that your plan? Are going to join today? Talk in a positive way.

25. Get people to visualise using your product or service. Help people visualiserepparttar 122489 success they can have with your business opportunity. What does it means to them. It comes back down to your prospects primary wants. What will $4,000 a month allow your prospect to do? Ask them!

To Your Success, Jason Clark

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"Which of These 7 Mistakes Are You Making In MLM?"...

Written by Joe Schroeder

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Solution: Expand your business into other areas. Not just MLM.

4. Not Being Personal

MLM takes time, money, more time and more money to develop. As does any profitable business. However, inrepparttar day of emails, fax machines, web sites, online video, and super technology, it is easier than ever to forget you are working with real live people with real live problems and worries. Adding a personal touch torepparttar 122485 process will build your credibility, and build trust with those you plan on working with.

Solution: Add a personal touch and build trust

Not Being Realistic

Technology makes it easier for you to contact more and more people at an ever growing rate. Which leads some people to hype up their claims. Hyped up claims are not always so outragous they instantly appear full of hype. Some of them are subtle, like, "No direct selling." Which seems like a benefit, because people hate to sell. In truth, direct selling is network marketing. You are not as aggressive about it. But you will, and always be selling something to someone.

Soltuion: Be Realistic and understand network marketing is a selling business.

Losing Focus

Losing focus is easy. Thousands of ways to advertise and reach your market exist. Pick 1 or 2 or 3 of them. Not all of them. Focus on what works, and drop what doesn't. If you know it's not working after a few weeks, don't do it anymore. Truly effective advertising works in just a short time. Not 3 years. Save yourself time and money and find an alternate way to reach your market oncerepparttar 122486 way you're using proves itself to be ineffective.

Solution: Focus only on one, two or three advertising strategies at time. And focus on them until they prove to be ineffective.

Becoming a Computer Jocky

A Computer Jocky? What's that? Computer Jocky's are people who sit there in front of their computer and try to work their MLM business completely online. 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This is just insanity. Whilerepparttar 122487 world wide web does offer more affordable ways to reach your market. It isn'trepparttar 122488 only game in town and placing print ads and sending sales letters to people offline is not only effective, but sometimes more effective.

Solution: Try advertising offline as well to expand your reach.

Respectfully, Joe Schroeder

Joe has authored 32 audiotapes, eight manuals, booklets, featured on the cover of Upline Magazine and Six Figure Income Magazine. Find out who Joe recommends for generic training and leads.

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