25 Leadership Maxims

Written by Brent Filson

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"The best leaders make use ofrepparttar simplest of ideas."

"If you are always right, you are usually wrong."

"The best way for a leader to communicate an idea is to bundle it in a human being."

"The most persuasive art of leadership is to hide your leadership."

"Refraining from action is sometimesrepparttar 105623 best action."

"It's not so much what you say as a leader that's important; it'srepparttar 105624 actionrepparttar 105625 people take after you have had your say."

"In leadership,repparttar 105626 value of every need is in its use."

"Leadership is not about living a easy life for ourselves but a hard life for others."

"We ourselves are our own biggest obstacles to becoming better leaders."

"Leadership is showing people not that they must take a certain action but that they GET TO take that action."

"Halfrepparttar 105627 art of listening is waiting."

"To getrepparttar 105628 best out of people, embracerepparttar 105629 best in them."

"People are often unaware ofrepparttar 105630 best that's in them. When you show it to them, you are half way downrepparttar 105631 road to motivating them to be your cause leaders."

"Achievement needs three things,repparttar 105632 leader,repparttar 105633 cause leader, andrepparttar 105634 moment."

"Inrepparttar 105635 long run,repparttar 105636 most important results of leadership are not what we achieve but what we become in that achieving."

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