25 Easy Ways to Double Subscribers to Your Email Newsletter

Written by Jessica Albon

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Make your website useful. Visitors will assume that if your website is helpful, your newsletter will be, too.

Make a one-time popup that invites subscriptions. You can get a one-time popup code at: www.web-source.net/popups.htm.

Make subscribing easy. Your subscribe link should be visible on every page of your site. Also, makerepparttar process as easy as possible (don't make them fill out long forms, etc.). And, above all else, tryrepparttar 124243 process yourself to make sure it works!

Archive issues on your website. This lets readers catch up and see what they've been missing. It also may improve your search engine rankings.

Set up a promotion station. Make a page at your website with ways other people can promote your newsletter-graphics, articles, testimonials, etc. (And let people know they can freely copy what they want to use.)

Promote it at ezine and company newsletter compilation websites.

Advertise it in your signature file on all email with a description and subscribe instructions.

Find other related ezines that you enjoy and ask about exchanging reviews of one another's ezines.

Ask other ezine publishers to recommend your newsletter on their "Thanks for subscribing" page (with a note like, "Here's another ezine you may be interested in" and dorepparttar 124244 same for them.

Ask readers to forwardrepparttar 124245 newsletter to a specific person. For example, write, "Please forward this newsletter to someone you know who needs a new printer."

Gather testimonials. It's not enough for you to say your newsletter is great. Get other people to say it for you. (Make sure you have permission to printrepparttar 124246 testimonial!)

Always offer subscribing instructions. (Of course, you always include unsubscribing instructions, right?)

Send a copy to us. Each month, we review a company newsletter in our newsletter to offer our readers a glimpse into what other company newsletter publishers are doing.

So, there you have your 25 ways to promote your email newsletter. Don't forget to let us know how it goes!

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Tourism Germany

Written by Gerd Otto-Rieke

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andrepparttar German travel industry. 2. Who is who in German tourism.

editor in chief of various German travel publications

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