Written by Peter Sharpe

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53 words and phrases to use in your salesletters and ads:

Just arrived, save, breakthrough, send no money, bonus, gift, free, bargain, now, improved, you, introducing, valuable, priority, unique, rush,repparttar truth about, miracle, easy, hurry, today, how to, at last, limited, opportunity, yes, charter, secrets, new, amazing, only chance, announcing, revolutionary, guaranteed, discount, first time ever, special, instantly, discover, forever, premium, sensational, remarkable, revolutionary, startling, miracle, offer, quick, easy, wanted, challenge, compare, bargain, hurry.

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Power Your Profits With Price And Perception

Written by Noel Peebles

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Why did I chooserepparttar little bakery overrepparttar 127295 supermarket - perception! I perceived thatrepparttar 127296 quality would be better. But, who's to say thatrepparttar 127297 supermarket didn't have a product equally as good as, if not better than,repparttar 127298 little bakery.

So could it be that by focusing too much on price, we set up an expectation of a lack of quality inrepparttar 127299 customers mind? And could it be that by focusing too much on price, we createrepparttar 127300 impression that our service might be suspect? Absolutely!

Does it feel right?

It doesn't matter what you charge. It isrepparttar 127301 customers' perception of your price that matters. Ifrepparttar 127302 customer thinksrepparttar 127303 price is too high in relation torepparttar 127304 value delivered forrepparttar 127305 product or service, then they won't buy. If they thinkrepparttar 127306 price is too low, then again they might not buy - because, they may be suspicious ofrepparttar 127307 quality in relation torepparttar 127308 price. The price may not feel right.

A customer perception of what is a 'reasonable price' is more important than what you want to charge for your product or service. Andrepparttar 127309 customer decides what's reasonable based on perceived value for money, not price. It's creating this perception of value that tellsrepparttar 127310 customerrepparttar 127311 price is right.

I'm a firm believer that, inrepparttar 127312 long term, it's always better to add perceived value to your product rather than reduce your prices.

Customers are smarter these days, have more disposable income and have more choice than ever before. The key to makingrepparttar 127313 sale is to communicate VALUE! Do it so strongly... thatrepparttar 127314 price seems reasonable in relation torepparttar 127315 product or service you're offering. Noel Peebles. Market Leaders Limited. All Rights Reserved. http://www.instantsellbusiness.com http://www.instantsellhome.com

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