20 Common Pregnancy Questions & Answers

Written by Nisha Bunke, M.D.

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11. Is air travel safe during pregnancy? Air travel is thought to be safe until about 8 months of gestation. Pregnancy is a hypercoaguable state, which means that women who are pregnant are at a greater risk of developing blood clots. For this reason, pregnant women should take stretch breaks each hour when driving on long trips or flights. 12. Are overrepparttar counter cold medications safe to take in pregnancy? Many overrepparttar 142071 counter medications are not safe to use in pregnancy. Pregnant women should consult their health care provider before trying any overrepparttar 142072 counter medication. 13. Can I use hair dye? It is generally recommended to avoid hair dye duringrepparttar 142073 first trimester. 14. Can I work during pregnancy? Work limitations are unique torepparttar 142074 individual and her job. Many healthy women choose to work throughout their entire pregnancy, untilrepparttar 142075 moment they go into labor. A woman should discuss her specific work limitations and special medical needs with her health care provider. General work restrictions include avoidance of heavy lifting, exposure to chemicals, prolonged standing and extremes of temperatures. 15. What birth defects are screened for in prenatal care? An ultrasound can assess abnormalities ofrepparttar 142076 spinal cord and organs likerepparttar 142077 heart and kidneys. There are blood tests available to screen for neural tube defects and chromosomal disorders (like Down Syndrome). Women who are at an increased risk for chromosomal disorders may be offered amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling. Remember, that no test can guarantee that a baby will be born in perfect health. It is important that women who have a family history of congenital diseases disclose this information to their physician so that special care can be given to this matter. 16. Can I continue to have sex while I'm pregnant? Yes. However, if a woman has had vaginal bleeding, history of miscarriages, or other special situations, she may be advised to abstain from sex by her health care provider. A woman must take special care to protect her self from sexually transmitted diseases. Some sexually transmitted disease can cause birth defects inrepparttar 142078 developing fetus. 17. Can I have an occasional glass of wine during pregnancy? It is recommended to avoid all alcoholic containing beverages, tobacco use and drug use throughout pregnancy. 18. What if I get chicken pox during pregnancy? A woman who has not developed immunity to chicken pox infection (caused byrepparttar 142079 varicella virus) should consider becoming vaccinated before pregnancy. It is generally advised that she then wait one month before becoming pregnant after receivingrepparttar 142080 vaccine. If a woman develops chicken pox duringrepparttar 142081 first trimester or early second trimester of her pregnancy, her fetus is at risk of developingrepparttar 142082 congenital varicella syndrome. The risk of developing this syndrome is estimated to be 0.4% for infection duringrepparttar 142083 first 12 weeks of pregnancy and 2.0% for infection occurring 13-20 weeks of pregnancy. 19. How can I figure out my due date by using my last menstrual period? Go to www.askmd.org and click onrepparttar 142084 box onrepparttar 142085 left hand side named 'health calculators.' Browserepparttar 142086 pregnancy calculators. 20. Can I exercise during pregnancy? Yes, pregnant women should strive for 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day. Many women may need to modify their exercise routines to avoid uncomfortable positions and overheating. It is necessary to drink sufficient amounts of water to avoid dehydration

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5 Tips for Wearing White

Written by Diana Pemberton-Sikes

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4.Think Twice About Wearing White Shoes

White shoes scream "summer!" and are a popular choice for warm weather months. But since white shoes make your feet look bigger and can also visually "chop up" your leg and make you look shorter, they may not berepparttar best choice for your image goals. Look for shoe styles that elongate, or steer clear of white shoes entirely and opt for flesh-colored shoes instead.

5.Don't Wear White to a Wedding

Unless you'rerepparttar 141987 bride or inrepparttar 141988 bridal party, don't wear all-white to a wedding. While a white blouse worn under a different-colored garment is okay (like a pastel suit, for example)repparttar 141989 tradition still holds firm: white is reserved forrepparttar 141990 bridal party. Don't try to compete withrepparttar 141991 bride on her big day.

Finally, if you don't likerepparttar 141992 way white looks on you or if white just "isn't your color," try an off-white shade instead like ivory, eggshell, or oyster. Pure white looks good on only a fraction ofrepparttar 141993 population, so don't despair; try another shade instead.

Wearing white is a great way to look chic, stay cool, and enjoyrepparttar 141994 warm weather months. If you employ these tips when you dress, you can look calm, cool, and collected - even onrepparttar 141995 hottest days.

Diana Pemberton-Sikes is a wardrobe and image consultant and author of "Wardrobe Magic," an ebook that shows women how to transform their unruly closets into workable, wearable wardrobes. Visit her online at www.fashionsavvy.com

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