2005 World Series of Poker - Final Tournament Report

Written by Tom Howze

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A dominate Todd Witteles won Event #36 "Limit Hold'em" knocking out opponents left and right to take homerepparttar bracelet and $347,385. Event #37 "No Limit Hold'Em with Rebuys" was won by Jon Heneghan taking home $611,015 inrepparttar 150003 process. Event #38 was a super satellite tournament for seats torepparttar 150004 Main Event, so no prize pool or list of winners was produced. Event #39 "No Limit 2 to 7 Draw Lowball with Rebuys" had David Grey asrepparttar 150005 champion who was heralded with $365,135. Event #40 was also a super satellite like #38 so there is nothing to report unfortunately. When it came time for raising money for charity,repparttar 150006 media and celebrities in Event #41 showed up atrepparttar 150007 tables. Randy Bowman ofrepparttar 150008 media won $10,000 forrepparttar 150009 Noblesville Boys and Girls Club.

Event #42 isrepparttar 150010 WSOP Main Event,repparttar 150011 big tournament where millionaires are born. This yearrepparttar 150012 first place prize was $7,500,000 and every person who maderepparttar 150013 final table became a millionaire guaranteed. 5,619 entrants competed inrepparttar 150014 tournament making itrepparttar 150015 largest in WSOP history. In fact it was so large that it had to be spread out over 9 days. 2004 champion Greg Raymer made it up to 25th place before elimination, receiving $304,680 for his efforts. But it was Joseph Hachem who became champion for this year, pocketing repparttar 150016 $7.5 million and a beautiful diamond bracelet that can only be earned by winningrepparttar 150017 Main Event.

For those who were busted out ofrepparttar 150018 Main Event, they found additional tournaments for play in Events #43, #44 and #45 which were 1 day events. Ron Kirk beat out players like Erik Seidel and Marcel Luske to take home $321,520 for winning repparttar 150019 Event #43 "No Limit Hold'Em" tournament. Event #44 "No Limit Hold'Em" was won by John Pires who received $220,935 for his victory. Andrepparttar 150020 Event #45 "No Limit Hold'Em" winner was Willie Tann who happily received his bracelet and $188,335 for 1 day's work! Not bad at all.

Individuals came from acrossrepparttar 150021 planet to play in this tournament series. New records were set for attendance, for money won inrepparttar 150022 WSOP and probablyrepparttar 150023 number of headaches Harrah's had in setting up and running an event of this magnitude. But inrepparttar 150024 end everyone fromrepparttar 150025 players,repparttar 150026 event champions,repparttar 150027 media andrepparttar 150028 staff of Harrah's should be congratulated for creating something to be enjoyed and talked about for years to come.

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Testing the Terrain with ATVs

Written by Mitch Johnson

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Riding ATVs for recreational, sporting and utility uses is fun becauserepparttar machines are made to challenge by pushing them through tough situations. Because you will be riding ATVs on primitive roads and throughrepparttar 150002 wildlife, you must remember to prepare yourself by wearing safety equipment. Protective equipment can help save your life or just save you from getting cuts and bruises.

Riding fast on uneven trails through rocks, sticks and mud can berepparttar 150003 formula for injury. Helmets are a necessary piece of protective equipment no matter where you are driving and ATV. Eye protection is highly recommended along with helmets. Gloves would be wise to wear because you will be grippingrepparttar 150004 handles and throttle tight. The gloves will help reduce any soreness fromrepparttar 150005 tight grip.

ATV riders using their vehicle as a utility device will usually already be wearing long sleeve shirts and pants, but sport drivers need to dorepparttar 150006 same. The proper clothing attire is just as important as wearing protective gear.

ATVs are supposed to be driven throughrepparttar 150007 rough, but some are not as rough as others. Know what type of riding you will be doing in order to getrepparttar 150008 right type of ATV. For racing through rough trails you will want good suspension. There are tons of trails for ATVing, so test it out on different terrains instead of buying your own, but you may become addicted.

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