2005 World Series of Poker -- Complete Report

Written by Tom Howze

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Event #23 "Seven Card Stud" had a happy Jan Sorensen from Denmark ready to take home $293,275 and a bracelet for winning this tournament. Event #24 "No Limit Hold'Em" was won byrepparttar very serious, solid playing Farzad Bonyadi who earned $594,960 forrepparttar 150001 effort. In Event #25 "Pot-Limit Hold'Em", Johnny Chan won his 10th WSOP bracelet breaking a 3-way tie with him, Doyle Brunson and Phil Hellmuth Jr., setting a record inrepparttar 150002 process. Johnny picked up a hefty $303,025 as well. Actress Jennifer Tilly turned heads again by winning Event #26 "Ladies No-Limit Hold'Em". She actually dominated final table play against top women poker players inrepparttar 150003 world to win $158,335 and a bracelet you can't buy in a store anywhere. Expect no less fromrepparttar 150004 girlfriend of Phil "Unabomber" Laak. Phil Ivey overcame a determined Robert Williamson III to win Event #27 "Pot Limit Omaha with Rebuys" earning his 5th gold WSOP bracelet and $630,685. Dan Schmiech won $404,585 by winning against actor Gabe Kaplan inrepparttar 150005 Event #28 "Limit Hold'em" tournament. Event #29 "No Limit Hold'Em" has Lawrence Gosney as this years champion pocketing $483,195 forrepparttar 150006 win. Now Event #30 "Seven Card Razz" is actually a little tough to understand and play, but O'Neil Longson proved he could do it and took home $125,690 as proof.

The 3-way tie Johnny Chan broke earlier became a tie again as Doyle Brunson wonrepparttar 150007 Event #31 "No-limit Hold'Em (Short Handed 6/table)" tournament earning his 10th WSOP bracelet and $367,800 once again showing how his legendary reputation was earned. Event #32 "Omaha High-Low Split" was won by David Chiu taking home his 4th bracelet and $347,410. Andre Boyer, a poker analyst for TV station Le Réseau des Sports in Quebec won Event #33 "No Limit Hold'Em" who's skill was rewarded with a $682,810 payday. Event #34 "Seniors No Limit Hold'Em" has a new champion who's name is Paul McKinney. Paul, who is 80 years old, can relax inrepparttar 150008 sun after depositing $202,725 in his bank account. Rafi Amit won Event #35 "Pot Limit Omaha" and $511,835 after becoming victorious in a heads up battle with Vinny Vinh.

A dominate Todd Witteles won Event #36 "Limit Hold'em" knocking out opponents left and right to take homerepparttar 150009 bracelet and $347,385. Event #37 "No Limit Hold'Em with Rebuys" was won by Jon Heneghan taking home $611,015 inrepparttar 150010 process. Event #38 was a super satellite tournament for seats torepparttar 150011 Main Event, so no prize pool or list of winners was produced. Event #39 "No Limit 2 to 7 Draw Lowball with Rebuys" had David Grey asrepparttar 150012 champion who was heralded with $365,135. Event #40 was also a super satellite like #38 so there is nothing to report unfortunately. When it came time for raising money for charity,repparttar 150013 media and celebrities in Event #41 showed up atrepparttar 150014 tables. Randy Bowman ofrepparttar 150015 media won $10,000 forrepparttar 150016 Noblesville Boys and Girls Club.

Event #42 isrepparttar 150017 WSOP Main Event,repparttar 150018 big tournament where millionaires are born. This yearrepparttar 150019 first place prize was $7,500,000 and every person who maderepparttar 150020 final table became a millionaire guaranteed. 5,619 entrants competed inrepparttar 150021 tournament making itrepparttar 150022 largest in WSOP history. In fact it was so large that it had to be spread out over 9 days. 2004 champion Greg Raymer made it up to 25th place before elimination, receiving $304,680 for his efforts. But it was Joseph Hachem who became champion for this year, pocketing repparttar 150023 $7.5 million and a beautiful diamond bracelet that can only be earned by winningrepparttar 150024 Main Event.

For those who were busted out ofrepparttar 150025 Main Event, they found additional tournaments for play in Events #43, #44 and #45 which were 1 day events. Ron Kirk beat out players like Erik Seidel and Marcel Luske to take home $321,520 for winning repparttar 150026 Event #43 "No Limit Hold'Em" tournament. Event #44 "No Limit Hold'Em" was won by John Pires who received $220,935 for his victory. Andrepparttar 150027 Event #45 "No Limit Hold'Em" winner was Willie Tann who happily received his bracelet and $188,335 for 1 day's work! Not bad at all.

Withrepparttar 150028 sheer size of this event and a total number of staff and players that could make up a small city, it is hard to think of anythingrepparttar 150029 poker world could do to surpass it. But Harrah's has already releasedrepparttar 150030 2006 World Series of Poker Tournament Circuit schedule and it is expanded from 2005's five tournaments to twelve, so we'll have to wait and see. Poker on TV will keep us all happy until then.

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A Revolution in Online Gaming

Written by James Simpson

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gaming. The plan is to keeprepparttar site much more updated with weekly features, a recurring gaming awards show (do I hearrepparttar 149967 "APEXawards"?), many more news posts, many game reviews, a large and active gaming community, and many more quality games.

Hopefully you will take advantage of all ofrepparttar 149968 great new features onrepparttar 149969 site and continue to support us as we grow and develop this great new site that I like to call "The New Apex", which is located at http://apexwebgaming.com.

I am a web developer from Oklahoma.

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