2005: An Email Compliance Odyssey - Get your enterprise ready to comply with multiple federal information privacy laws

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Organization-Wide Protection A total compliance solution must provide defense for multiple levels of an organization’s communication network, from individual messages torepparttar users who send and receive them, torepparttar 105305 very systems that transfer and store critical information.

Messages Automated and policy-driven encryption protects customer data and ensuresrepparttar 105306 integrity of financial data when in transit. A complete encryption solution must be able to dynamically selectrepparttar 105307 most appropriate encryption solution based onrepparttar 105308 recipient’s capabilities, including secure delivery to end users with unknown encryption capabilities, as is oftenrepparttar 105309 case when using email to communicate with clients in healthcare and financial services.

Users End users who send non-compliant information via e-mail through unprotected gateways facerepparttar 105310 very real threat of job termination, lawsuits and even prosecution, should their messages end up inrepparttar 105311 wrong hands. Regardless of whetherrepparttar 105312 user’s intention is malicious or a simple mistake, an effective compliance solution will ensure that no damage is done.

Systems Complete compliance requires an e-mail specific firewall and intrusion prevention system. Gateway appliances designed to contribute to regulatory compliance must be able to detect and block hacker attacks directed atrepparttar 105313 appliance itself, as well as atrepparttar 105314 mail servers and other systems sitting “behind” it. Without this level of protection, vouching forrepparttar 105315 integrity of information sent via e-mail is impossible.

Monitoring and Reporting Compliance is not just about detecting and controlling certain types of content. It also requires reporting and communication of compliance status. Compliance officers and administrators must be able to easily access data in order to:

  • Analyze and improverepparttar 105316 organization’s compliance efforts
  • Automatically deliver decision-making information to compliance officers in a timely manner
  • Easily generate executive-level reports instantly

Takerepparttar 105317 Next Step toward Complete Compliance The last thing your enterprise needs is regulatory trouble, andrepparttar 105318 surest way to find it is by violating federal legislation. To that end, IronMail’s Compliance Control features best-of-breed policy enforcement capabilities, giving compliance officers and executivesrepparttar 105319 peace of mind that comes with staying onrepparttar 105320 right side ofrepparttar 105321 law. To learn more about how IronMail can help your organization comply withrepparttar 105322 stringent rules surrounding information privacy, download CipherTrust’s free whitepaper, “Compliance Control: Contributing to Corporate Regulatory Compliance.”

CipherTrust is the leader in anti-spam and email security. Learn more by downloading our free whitepaper, “Compliance Control: Contributing to Corporate Regulatory Compliance.” or by visiting www.ciphertrust.com.

Intellectual Property Theft Has Never Been Easier - Is your enterprise protected?

Written by CipherTrust

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Viruses Viruses have proven to be another highly effective method of extracting information from corporations. Virus writers can write simple programs that, once executed on your network, mine for all sorts of data and send information back torepparttar virus writer, or to any other recipient.

Severance Package, Indeed While your employees are your greatest asset, they haverepparttar 105302 potential to be your greatest liability as well. A disturbing, but not entirely surprising, fact is that most intellectual property (IP) theft is perpetrated by current and former employees. According torepparttar 105303 U.S. Department of Justice, enterprises suffered $250 Billion in IP Theft in 2004.

A 2004 survey questioned 400 business professionals about their attitudes to IP theft. The research, conducted by Ibas, a computer forensics specialist, revealed some trends that should sound some alarm bells within organizations unsure of their IP security:

  • 69.6% of business professionals have stolen some form of corporate IP from their employer when leaving a job.
  • 32.6% of employees leaving a job took sales proposals and/or presentations with them.
  • 30.4% admitted to taking information such as customer databases and contact information.
  • The most commonly used method for stealing IP is to send electronic copies of documents and files to a personal email account.
  • 58.7% think that taking IP is as, if not more, acceptable as exaggerating an insurance claim to coverrepparttar 105304 excess charge.
  • Only 28.2% think that IP theft is completely unacceptable.
  • The most common justification for IP theft was thatrepparttar 105305 person had createdrepparttar 105306 documents/files stolen and felt they partly belonged to them.
Keep Your IP Where It Belongs – In Your Company Preserving your intellectual property may berepparttar 105307 most important reason to takerepparttar 105308 steps toward a comprehensive email security approach. A solution that incorporates elements of attachment and content filtering, intrusion prevention, encryption, anti-spam and anti-virus isrepparttar 105309 only way to ensure thatrepparttar 105310 digital lifeblood of your company doesn’t find its way intorepparttar 105311 wrong hands.

For more information about how CipherTrust’s IronMail can help your enterprise keep a lid on your intellectual property, download our FREE whitepaper, “Securingrepparttar 105312 Email Boundary: An Overview of IronMail.”

CipherTrust is the leader in anti-spam and email security. Learn more by downloading our free whitepaper, “Securing the Email Boundary: An Overview of IronMail” or by visiting www.ciphertrust.com.

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