1st Class on the TITANIC---

Written by James Sorrell

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We didn't come from animals, but began our existence as human; should we now act likerepparttar instinctual animals that live by "the survival ofrepparttar 146894 fittest", where there is no love? Love is only something you can spend on God and other humans...you cannot spend it on yourself, or anything lower....that is not love; that is "self"! SEE--->"LOVE isrepparttar 146895 Real Thing" onrepparttar 146896 forums noted below** -------"Poverty isrepparttar 146897 worst form of violence." Mahatma Gandhi [The father of India's freedom] The 1st Class rich onrepparttar 146898 TITANIC learnedrepparttar 146899 lesson of equality too late: whenrepparttar 146900 ship went down, they all went down together, no matter where you were onrepparttar 146901 boat! Willrepparttar 146902 rich learn now, before it is too late....whenrepparttar 146903 poor ofrepparttar 146904 planet sinkrepparttar 146905 ship by burningrepparttar 146906 loveless world down, each city, in one night....the fuse lit andrepparttar 146907 chaos spread by instant planet-wide communication ofrepparttar 146908 beginning event?? ----------[From: "The Life of Emile Zola".........."You know that people don't want to seerepparttar 146909 starved face of truth; they would much prefer perfumed lies".] 33% ofrepparttar 146910 human race has no electricity..... ----------Inrepparttar 146911 USA, 90% ofrepparttar 146912 dogs eat and live better than 30% of our children! The conscience of man must have another moment in time; in OUR time!---by Jim Sorrell USA 608 661-0966 sorrell.james@gmail.com ** http://excoboard.com/exco/index.php?boardid=1979 or http://www.bev.net/users/homepages/JamesSorrell

Teacher: The Keeper of the Flame

Slavery, 'Colon'- ization & the fall of ethical family structure

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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One interpretation of Columbus’ ventures in America says when he could not findrepparttar Gold Mines like El Dorado he started using slavery asrepparttar 146541 way to justify his commercial purposes and get more investment for further ‘explorations’. Certainly he is central torepparttar 146542 explosion of slaving and his acts are atrocious by any standards. Jean Lafitte is also a Spanish or Sephardic Jew (an alchemist by many accounts) and involved in slavery. I have done a book focused on Lafitte, Columbus and slavery in my Synarchy series. I have baptismal records and other things related to Lafitte that a modern day man named Patrick Lafitte sent to me. But I cannot say thatrepparttar 146543 Lafittes came from Catalan as yet. He did claim to have noble lineage and his esoteric interests do jibe with these Catalan Tartessians who worked withrepparttar 146544 Iberian ventures includingrepparttar 146545 Druidic University inrepparttar 146546 Rennes area which was there due torepparttar 146547 natural pentagram and Earth Energy Grid importance of this most spiritual place. The Borgias are from this same area and they hadrepparttar 146548 ‘remote poison’ or tepaphone thatrepparttar 146549 Lost Chord technology had created. When you arerepparttar 146550 only people who haverepparttar 146551 Pentagon Dodecahedron knowledge that had allowed Greeks to summarily execute anyone who would share that knowledge then you are a real ‘master’ of men. We need people leading us who are not into such secret knowledge who are willing to share all knowledge that all people can use to help each other.

Author of Diverse Druids Columnist for The ES Press Magazine Guest 'expert' at World-Mysteries.com

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