1 Simple Step Towards Improved Customer Satisfaction for Web Hosts

Written by Toby Wolf

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If you are large enough to have multiple incoming lines & an automated voice mail system, a simple solution is to immediately record a server status alert, along with an honest assessment of what has happened and, if you know it, an estimated time thatrepparttar server will be operational again. This will allow customers calling about their site being down to getrepparttar 134370 information they need without having to talk to a live technician. The customer is happy to be informed, (even if they are VERY unhappy about having their site down), and you have saved yourself time and money and can focus onrepparttar 134371 important problem at hand.

In your recorded status alert, letrepparttar 134372 customer know how oftenrepparttar 134373 status will be updated. We recommend that if a server is down longer than 90 minutes, updated information should be made available every 30-45 minutes.

If you are a smaller host with only one incoming line, you probably don't have enough customers that busy signals will become a major irritant, but keeprepparttar 134374 message very short and torepparttar 134375 point.

By now many of you are saying "what about those of us who don't HAVE a tech support number to call?" Good question since a recent survey shows that over 75% of web hosting companies do NOT publish a tech support number. Fear not, there are a couple of other ways that we will discuss in upcoming articles. Our next article will talk about using Voice Over IP service and Instant Messaging.

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Toby Wolf was one of the online pioneers, beginning consulting in 1990 & has done work for companies like Dell, AOL, SBC & Amoco. Toby is the founder of AlphaOne Technology, & has designed, managed, or provided search engine optimization for over 200 web sites since 1997. E-Mail Toby

Criteria of choosing an ideal web hosting company

Written by Leo L.

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If you are too lazy to findrepparttar answer out of a big pool of database, get repparttar 134369 direct answer from someone who knows it. Direct customer support comes in a few forms.

a. Email support

b. Phone support: Normally, sales and technical support uses separate phone line. A good phone support staff knows what your problem is and answers with relevance.

c.Web Host like Lunarpages and Globat even have live chat support. However, itís not how many support channels that are available but how responsive it is ofrepparttar 134370 staff. You can find outrepparttar 134371 hosting reviews and ratings of each of our Top 10 Cheap Web Host.

Price to Disk Space / Price to Bandwidth Ratio

Are you paying too much for your Web Hosting Plan?

Having donerepparttar 134372 research on hundreds of web hosting companies, in general, weíve come to this conclusion:repparttar 134373 more disk space and bandwidth you are getting, repparttar 134374 more expensive isrepparttar 134375 monthly price.

To help you understand which price is competitive enough for you to take up repparttar 134376 offer, we have categorized 5 different price range. For each price range, a score of maximum of 10 is assigned. To understandrepparttar 134377 concept behind this, please refer torepparttar 134378 details here.


A web host might haverepparttar 134379 best feature offered, unbeatable customer support and reliability in place but without an effective marketing plan, it will go bust too. Letís face it. If a web hosting provider does not have sufficient members and steady growth of new members, itís very difficult to survive in this highly competitive industry.

We judgerepparttar 134380 popularity of a particular web hosting provider by looking at repparttar 134381 number of awards won,repparttar 134382 reviews of other websites andrepparttar 134383 Alexa traffic ranking.

Allrepparttar 134384 hosting providers listed on our Top 10 Cheap Web Hosting Directory are amongrepparttar 134385 top 40,000 most visited websites inrepparttar 134386 world.

Reliability, Speed and Uptime Guarantee

Nothing can hurt you more than this: your visitors come to your web site only to find that itís not accessible. You lose credibility and possibly even a sale. If your web host does not guarantee at least a 99% uptime, leaverepparttar 134387 web host now!

To ensure maximum uptime, installation of redundant back-up systems is essential. Each web host has their own management systems to minimize downtime. "Redundant" means that if any ofrepparttar 134388 Internet connections get interrupted,repparttar 134389 alternate Internet connection will take over.

We use Alertra software to monitorrepparttar 134390 uptime of each of our top 10 web hosts.

As for speed, even though routing, web server set up and local area networks play a part in determiningrepparttar 134391 speed of a site,repparttar 134392 main concern of how fast your site is depends very much onrepparttar 134393 types of network connections.

Many hosting providers still connect torepparttar 134394 Internet through T1, or T3 connections. This is notrepparttar 134395 case for our top 10 hosts- they are using OC (Optical Carrier) lines.

A T1 line will offer data transfer rate of 1.5 Mbps (megabits per second), while a T3 line can supply data transfer rates of 43Mbps. OC-1 refers to a circuit that transmits 51.85Mbps. Higher levels are multiples of that speed. Ultra-High Speed OC3 and OC12 lines offers 155Mbps and 622Mbps respectively. Some hosting providers have connections to major internet backbones atrepparttar 134396 speed of OC48 (2488Mbps) and OC96 (4976Mbps).

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