1944 Steel Penny

Written by Jon Gammon

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there have been copper cents recovered for that year as well. Whenrepparttar Government decided to produce these coins and then revert back torepparttar 143701 old way, some ofrepparttar 143702 planchets (coin blanks) were struck withrepparttar 143703 new dies and sent through for circulation. In 1943 it is easy to assume thatrepparttar 143704 coins being minted,repparttar 143705 person in charge atrepparttar 143706 time could have passed a few copper blanks to testrepparttar 143707 dies and never removed them. Hencerepparttar 143708 production ofrepparttar 143709 1943 copper penny. Wellrepparttar 143710 same is true withrepparttar 143711 new 1944 Steel Penny. Whenrepparttar 143712 Government resorted back to using copper for their coins, a few steel blanks made it through and were struck withrepparttar 143713 new 1944 dies. Wellrepparttar 143714 few coins that have been found are very rare as well and have been fetching a hefty price as well. The pictures below are actual images of bothrepparttar 143715 1944 Steel Penny andrepparttar 143716 1943 Copper Penny.

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Log Work Bench Plan

Written by Dave Markel

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Measure and markrepparttar legs 8-1/2" fromrepparttar 143629 bottom forrepparttar 143630 lower rails andrepparttar 143631 stretchers. These holes are at 90 to each other. Drill another set of holes 8-1/2" fromrepparttar 143632 top forrepparttar 143633 upper set of stretchers.

Dry fit everything together to make sure it all fits. Disassemble pieces and start to gluerepparttar 143634 workbench together using clamps to ensure a tight joint.

After glue has set up use a block plane to flattenrepparttar 143635 top edge ofrepparttar 143636 upper rails to acceptrepparttar 143637 top.

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