17 features that make your autoresponder an **AUTORESPONDER** - Part 1

Written by Terry Telford

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5. Changeable send addresses. This is a very handy feature if you have more than one online business. You can send all your **AUTORESPONDER** messages right fromrepparttar same **AUTORESPONDER** service and use whatever company name and address you wish.

6. Signature file. Your signature file is one of your biggest FREE advertising spaces available. Make sure that your signature file is automatically included with each **AUTORESPONDER** message. Your **AUTORESPONDER** should automatically include your signature filerepparttar 122565 same way your email program does.

7. Filters. This feature worksrepparttar 122566 same as on your email. If you don't want to receive mail from a specific address or addresses, simply filter them out.

8. Redirect pages. Once your **AUTORESPONDER** has been clicked on, and your message is on route to its recipient, you can redirect your prospect to another page of your site, a thank you page, or a new sales page, perhaps.

9. Form generator. Havingrepparttar 122567 HTML code automatically generated for a professional form takes allrepparttar 122568 hassle out of form creation.

And that's not all. In Part 2 of this article there are another eight features that your **AUTORESPONDER** should be offering you. Most of these features are only found in paid responders, but there are good FREE ones onrepparttar 122569 market as well. My two favourite **AUTORESPONDERS** are:

SendFree - FREE **AUTORESPONDER** with some ofrepparttar 122570 bells and whistles, http://www.sendfree.com/affref.php3?ref=39695

Automarketic - **AUTORESPONDER** with allrepparttar 122571 bells and whistles at an affordable price, http://www.automarketic.com/?terry

All autoreponders/**AUTORESPONDERS** are not created equally. The ones mentioned above, in my humble opinion, are two ofrepparttar 122572 best onrepparttar 122573 market. Take a look around an selectrepparttar 122574 one that is best for you.

Good luck with your marketing and God Bless.

Terry Telford is the author of the popular ebook, Website Ladder, and the founder of bpc publishing, where you can pick up your FREE and almost FREE website marketing and traffic tools. Visit http://www.bpcpublishing.com today!

*****MLM*****Making Lotsa' Mistakes!

Written by Jim Partridge

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Do you know what you can versus cannot say respecting a product? I don't mean what is in your corporate manual, I mean respectingrepparttar laws ofrepparttar 122564 land WHERE YOUR PROSPECT LIVES!

What if your upline is a jerk or incompetent or etc.? Do you have a means of change? Get serious, there are no changes that will take place so forget whatrepparttar 122565 manual says.

Makin' Lotsa' Mistakes!

Network Marketing with a worthy company, a product you like, an industry that has a demand curve and with an upline that demonstrates competence is a luxury few experience.

When you haverepparttar 122566 ingredients above you still have to face reality that you either know what do do and how to do it ONLINE & OFFLINE or you don't.

Mistakes happen right? Tell that to some who have gone broke recently, don't tell me!

In today's business world no person can distinguish between a multinational and successful corporation and your or my small or home business - UNLESS YOU TELL THEM!

To tell them is to present yourself asrepparttar 122567 amateur via an amateur website, amateur presentation, amateur verbage, etc. Amateur business equals more business for your UPLINE because you won't last.

Maybe it is time to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and do it RIGHT?

Jim Partridge (BBA) - 25 years international marketing experience offering sound business practice respecting ONLINE & OFFLINE BIZ at website: http://www.miniports.com

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