15 ways to kick your sales into high gear

Written by Terry Telford

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8. Offer a payment plan. If you are selling a big ticket item, offer to splitrepparttar payments into three or four easy installments. Installments can be spread over weeks or months, depending onrepparttar 127337 size ofrepparttar 127338 purchase.

9. Offer special promotions. Holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Valentine's Day are perfect for special promotions. Anniversaries and birthdays also give you a perfect excuse to contact your customers and offer them a special promotional deal.

10. Include a deadline. By including a deadline, customers are more inclined to make a purchase sooner. It is human nature to leave things torepparttar 127339 last moment, so make sure your deadline falls within a short period of time after you send your offer.

11. Use incremental deadlines. If you run a monthly special, offer to include an extra bonus, plus a FREE gizmo and a lifetime upgrade if they order beforerepparttar 127340 end ofrepparttar 127341 first week. Inrepparttar 127342 second week ofrepparttar 127343 campaign, offer an extra bonus, plus a FREE gizmo, only if they order byrepparttar 127344 end of repparttar 127345 week. Inrepparttar 127346 third week, they get an extra bonus if they order byrepparttar 127347 end ofrepparttar 127348 week. Andrepparttar 127349 fourth week, they get repparttar 127350 product with no bonuses.

12. Userepparttar 127351 take away approach. This works well in conjunction withrepparttar 127352 incremental deadline approach. Tell your customer that if they don't order today, they will miss out onrepparttar 127353 fabulous lifetime upgrade offer.

13. Makerepparttar 127354 purchase easy. Make it easy for customers to purchase from you by offering alternative methods of payment. Some people don't feel comfortable placing their credit card number online. Make sure you offerrepparttar 127355 option to pay by check. Include a printable fax/mail order form that they can print out and send to you by snail mail or fax.

14. Give guarantees. Make sure your product comes with a 100%, no questions asked, lifetime, guarantee. People love to feel secure when ordering. If you stand behind your product 100%, you give your customersrepparttar 127356 security they need.

15. Sell to categories. If your product is selling well with work at home moms, try selling to Small Office Home Office (SOHO) owners. If you find that your product is popular with accountants, try a promotional campaign directed to this category of customers.

There are an unlimited number of techniques and tactics that you can experiment with to drive your sales throughrepparttar 127357 roof. When you have success with a particular promotion, keep polishing and experimenting until it is worn out and then experiment with something new.

Inrepparttar 127358 second segment of this report we will look at another 15 ways to kick your sales into high gear.

Good luck and God Bless.

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Improve Your Sales Copy in Four Easy Steps

Written by Collin Almeida

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Step 2. "How can you give me this?"

Explain why You must offer credible, logical reasons to support your claims or people are going to suspect your motives. "Acme widgets achieve faster results because we incorporate not one, but two gizmos. In controlled tests conducted by XYZ, our widgets consistently out-performedrepparttar competition in speed, accuracy and endurance."

Step 3. "Why should I believe you?"

Give reassurance This isrepparttar 127336 time to give some details about you and your company. Provide information about your credentials,qualificationsand experience inrepparttar 127337 field. Now you can also include brief testimonials from satisfied customers (provide as much information to identifyrepparttar 127338 customers as they're willing to allow (anonymous testimonials are almost worthless).

Step 4. " What if I don't like it?" Eliminaterepparttar 127339 risk The final stumbling block for customers is usuallyrepparttar 127340 fear of losing their money if they don't likerepparttar 127341 product or find it's not what they expected - so offer your customers an iron-clad guarantee.

It can be a full refund, a 'double riple money back' or whatever you feel you can afford. Always include a time factor -repparttar 127342 longerrepparttar 127343 better - people like to know you'll be around forrepparttar 127344 long-haul. Incorporate these answers in your sales copy to instantly turn your readers into buyers.

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