15 Ways To Save Your StartBlaze Pages From Invisibility

Written by Stewart Hutton

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Fortunately, although there are some things outside your control, here are 15 things you can do to make your pages appear as quickly as possible:

~~~~ Graphics ~~~~

Re-size every image torepparttar size it will appear onrepparttar 125161 page. Don't use WIDTH and HEIGHT tags in your html to shrink a large image.

Comparerepparttar 125162 file size when saved as GIF and JPG -repparttar 125163 results may surprise you.

For GIF files, experiment with reducingrepparttar 125164 number of colors inrepparttar 125165 image.

For JPG files, experiment with different image quality settings.

Save files at a maximum 96 dots per inch - any more is wasted on a monitor.

~~~~ Page Design ~~~~

Include pixel WIDTH and HEIGHT settings in IMG SRC tags.

Give pixel width settings for TABLE elements and HR rules rather than percentages.

Don't use many different background images within TABLE or TD elements.

Try not to nest TABLES within TABLES.

Use embedded (not external) CSS style sheets to minimise repparttar 125166 size and frequency of complex FONT descriptions.

Minimizerepparttar 125167 number of different files making uprepparttar 125168 page.

Reduce your dependency on outsourced elements such as counters, graphics, javascript, and so on whererepparttar 125169 speed ofrepparttar 125170 3rd party service may be suspect.

~~~~ Editing HTML ~~~~

Editors such as FrontPage produce very bloated html files, with a lot of uneccessary duplication. Go throughrepparttar 125171 file with a text editor looking for repetition (most commonly of FONT tags) that can be removed.

Remove any non-essential text such as comments.

StartBlaze pages aren't designed to be indexed by search engines, so you don't need page elements like META keyword and description tags.

Prune and tune your pages until they are mean and lean and you can be confident that every time your page comes out ofrepparttar 125172 StartBlaze database - someone will actually see it.

And making your page *visible* isrepparttar 125173 first critical step to creating desired actions from StartBlaze. Now you only need to worry about what you say onrepparttar 125174 page - but that's a subject for another article ...

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More Recommended Ways To Promote Your Website

Written by Steve Nash

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Or, if you're fed up with email courses and just want to visit some websites, you could try these out:

* HitsNClicks - UK subscription based online marketing resource. http://www.hitsnclicks.com

* Start Blaze - Drive traffic to your site using your Home page http://www.startblaze.com

* Internet News Bureau - Distribute your news release for free http://www.prweb.com

* Affiliate Programs Guide - Use them to build traffic http://www.shoptour.co.uk/webmaster-profit/

* Make Your Net Auctions Sell! - Drive traffic to your website! http://mynas.sitesell.com/shopping101.html

* The Free Site - Promote that Freebie resource here! http://www.thefreesite.com


There is always more to read about website promotion. And Web Developers Journal has an excellent guide that steers you away from confusion and information overload:

* http://www.webdevelopersjournal.com


Unfortunately, website promotion is never over!

So it is important that you concentrate on those website promotion methods that work best for you, and 'just do it' (to coin a random phrase). Don't stop promoting, do keep a record of your efforts, and never forgetrepparttar basics. (And try and enjoy yourself, eh?)

Steve Nash created a basic website promotion guide called How I Promote My Website - http://www.HowIPromoteMyWebsite.com The reason? To help him promote his website - http://ShopTour.co.uk AND to help others promote their own sites. He is also editor of the popular twice-monthly newsletter Promote! Promote! Promote! Why not sign up? mailto:pppromote@getresponse.com

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