15 Tips To Make Your eBay Business More Successful

Written by Robbin K. Tungett

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9.If you are selling collectibles, antiques, or anything else that warrants it, show lots and lots of good sized, clear and crisp pictures. If you don't want to pay an online auction site for use of their web space then userepparttar free web space provided by your Internet service provider. Buyers make critical buying decisions based upon what they see and pictures arerepparttar 148268 cheapest way possible to insure that you will have a happy buyer. The more pictures you include,repparttar 148269 more your business will thrive.

10.Offer a money back guarantee. Be prepared to take an occasional loss on some items. You will encounter far more serious buyers who won't bid unless you have a guarantee than you will people who are intentionally trying to take advantage of you.

11.Be prepared to take a loss to make a buyer happy. If a buyer didn't receive his purchase, even if he chose not to purchase insurance, be prepared to return his money. You will get more repeat and honest buyers than you will cheaters.

12.Leave feedback inrepparttar 148270 correct sequence. Whenrepparttar 148271 buyer pays you and his payment is good, leave them positive feedback immediately. Don't become one ofrepparttar 148272 angry sellers who practice feedback blackmail.

13.If you must leave negative feedback for a buyer, make it brief and torepparttar 148273 point. Future buyers will read your comments regardingrepparttar 148274 sale and they perceive you as honest and mature. If you engage in name-calling, swearing, or derogatory remarks, you will be seen as immature and this will scare off potential bidders.

14.Always be friendly and answer any questions from potential bidders quickly. Remember, you were new once also.

15.Have an About Me page and include a picture of yourself. People will find it easier to trust you if they can see you and know a little bit about you.

Robbin K. Tungett is online marketing and eBay veteran of 8 years. She is most widely known for her eBay expertise and her website http://www.AuctionRiches.com. Please visit her blog at http://www.AuctionHerald.com.

MLM Home Based Business - Generating The Leads You Need

Written by Charles Fuchs

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MLM trade journals are another good place to generate leads for your home based business. These journals are read by people who are already interested in MLMs which makes them a “warm” market. Including a press release with your ad will greatly improverepparttar number of inquiries you get. And make your ad for your MLM home based business as different fromrepparttar 148225 other ads as possible. This is important so that your home based business MLM ad doesn’t get lost in a sea of others.

Buying MLM leads is one ofrepparttar 148226 most popular wayw to generate leads for your MLM home based business. Many companies have email lists and phone number lists for people who have expressed their interest in getting information on MLM opportunities. Often you can even buy MLM leads who want to be involved with your particular type of MLM home based business opportunity. This makes purchasing leads a great option for most MLM home based businesses.

When buying MLM leads for your MLM home based business opportunity, you want to be sure you’re getting them from a reputable company. You don’t want to buy an out-of-date MLM leads list or one that’s been sold over and over. So do some research onrepparttar 148227 list selling company before you buy. Also, be sure to check any phone numbers you buy inrepparttar 148228 Do Not Call Registry. Doing this is your responsibility, notrepparttar 148229 company’s you buyrepparttar 148230 list from, so you need to be sure to check them before you call. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Charles Fuchs http://www.charlesfuchs.com http://charlesfuchs.blogspot.com

I grant permission to publish this article, electronically or in print, as long asrepparttar 148231 bylines are included, with a live link, andrepparttar 148232 article is not changed in any way.

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