14 Ways To Boost Customer Response In A Tough Economy

Written by David Coyne

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5. ) Include a product list flyer when you mail any products to customers.

6. ) Occasionally send out a short, non-sales email. Maybe you came across an excellent website, free resource or tool that you wanted them to know about.

7. ) Offer an course by email and subtly highlight some of your products as solutions to your customers' problems.

8. ) Create a customer only membership site or bulletin board to post questions and answers.

9. ) Send a follow up message after a purchase to reassure your customer they've maderepparttar right decision and to overcome any "buyers remorse."

10. ) Create an affiliate program. Offer customers a higher percentage ofrepparttar 117164 profits than non-customers who sign up. (For more info on starting an affiliate program, visit http://www.affiliateshop.com.)

11. ) Ask one of your customers for a product testimonial and send it to customers who haven't bought that particular product.

12. ) Create a special report or e-book available for free but only to customers.

13.) Develop a customer survey and offer a prize or discount to those who complete it.

14. ) Offer reprint rights to a product you sell, perhaps an e-book or special report. ( For info on reprint rights, visit http://shrinkmylink.com/hdj)

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How to use “Surf for Hits” Pages Successfully

Written by Trevor Gray ( The Ebuiz Guy)

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Using so called automatic page loaders is a complete waste of time. These loaders worked a few years ago but program owners got smarter and devised ways to ensure that you are viewingrepparttar pages by instead ofrepparttar 117163 page loading whenrepparttar 117164 time was up now you need to click on a symbol before you will receive credit for viewing that page.

You are probably asking yourself by now what isrepparttar 117165 secret to generating high amounts of traffic to my site using Surf for Hits programs. Wellrepparttar 117166 answer is very simple. What you need to do is promote Surf for Hits pages that you belong to becauserepparttar 117167 more people you have under yourepparttar 117168 more hits they generate for you. Now in saying that it could take a while for people to sign up for these programs so I am going to show you a little trick.

Every program has a timed limit before you receive credit for viewing that page and there will be a lot of pages that you will not be interested in so here is what you do. Start your browser 10 times with 10 different Surf for Hits programs. Keep going back and forth between them until you have viewed pages in each browser at least 10 times. This will give you one hundred views but remember thatrepparttar 117169 programs are on a 2:1 ratio so in actual fact it just took you about 15 minutes to generate 50 hits to your site. Now load up 10 more and dorepparttar 117170 same thing and then 10 more and within 45 minutes you have generated 150 hits to your program.

Work on that process everyday and within one month you will have generated at least 4500 hits to your site not includingrepparttar 117171 people that signed up in these programs that are also generating hits for you. After a few months you should have at least 10000 hits going to your site each and every month and then watchrepparttar 117172 sales take off andrepparttar 117173 businesses start to grow.

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