14 Tips for Crate Training Your New Puppy

Written by Peggie Arvidson-Dailey

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9.Don’t ever: scare him intorepparttar crate, put him in there as a punishment or otherwise encourage a negative connotation torepparttar 125743 crate. 10.Practice this several times a day during his first few weeks home. Leaving him inrepparttar 125744 crate for short intervals while you leaverepparttar 125745 house. He will soon realize that you come back and let him out. 11.If your dog needs something to chew, make sure you give him a toy that he cannot shred, break or otherwise harm himself with. If he is an aggressive chewer, I recommendrepparttar 125746 Galileo Bone by Nylabone. 12.When you let your puppy out ofrepparttar 125747 crate, immediately take him outside to relieve himself. For very young puppies, this will likely be every 4 hours. (on average a puppy needs a break in as many hours as he is months old – if your puppy is 4 months, please give him a potty break every four hours) 13.When you are leaving, or putting him inrepparttar 125748 crate, give him his command, “Crate,” praise him gently when he complies (but do not get effusive – you don’t want him to get all riled up!) and then leave without a commotion. 14.Upon returning, openrepparttar 125749 crate and let your puppy come out at his own pace. Don’t make a big fuss, simply praise him gently, put on his collar and leash and take him outside.

Crate training is a valuable asset to any training program for new puppies and can help enhance your relationship with your canine pal. A happy and comfortable puppy will mature into a well-mannered and loving companion.

Pet-Care Expert, Peggie Arvidson-Dailey, is the author of “How to Maintain Your Love Affair With Your Pet” and the founder of Peggie's Pet Services. To learn more about maintaining YOUR love affair with your pet sign up for FREE how-to articles and FREE teleclasses, visit http://www.peggiespets.com

Got Fleas?

Written by Nell Bennett Liquorman

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So, now you are ready forrepparttar weapons of “vast destruction”. You go forrepparttar 125742 big guns. You will start usingrepparttar 125743 poison torepparttar 125744 back ofrepparttar 125745 neck. That ought to take care of them, ifrepparttar 125746 fleas come along first, before little hands. Of course,repparttar 125747 liquid can be absorbed intorepparttar 125748 skin ofrepparttar 125749 pet getting into his blood stream and going to all parts of his body. Most hearts and livers don’t really require poisons. How about yourself, did you absorb any? Did you breathe in any vapors? Doesrepparttar 125750 product continue to emit vapors? If you can smell it, maybe you already know thatrepparttar 125751 vapors are there. Keep in mind that many ofrepparttar 125752 spot treatments contain chemicals that are known to be neurotoxins. Like most ofrepparttar 125753 population, you did not readrepparttar 125754 label, nor would you recognizerepparttar 125755 names of any neurotoxins. And you probably would not know that neurotoxins can affectrepparttar 125756 brain. Your pet may develop a twitch from a neurotoxin. Don’t you wonder ifrepparttar 125757 same thing could happen to you? Whilerepparttar 125758 pet is inrepparttar 125759 most danger from this,repparttar 125760 person applying it is not home free! This stuff can rub off and be distributed anywhere inrepparttar 125761 environment ofrepparttar 125762 pet, affecting any life form in this environment. It is important to realize thatrepparttar 125763 difference between poisons to kill fleas and poisons to kill higher life forms is simplyrepparttar 125764 size ofrepparttar 125765 dose. Since our bodies can store and accumulate poisons fromrepparttar 125766 environment, we have no way of knowing what could be in store for us as a result of exposure to these poisons.

Recently, there were more than 28,000 sites, on just one search engine, onrepparttar 125767 internet related to pesticide poisoning from flea products. No matter whatrepparttar 125768 reasons were,repparttar 125769 poisoning happened becauserepparttar 125770 products were available, and a reasonably logical person thought them safe for use. We readily accept whatever we are used to seeing. Harmful flea products are inrepparttar 125771 mainstream of our lives. Just go to any big food store, home improvement store, drug store, pet food store, and yes, evenrepparttar 125772 Walmart, and you can find an arsenal for combating fleas.

Until 1990, I used everything available for flea control. After many bad experiences, I realized that I was declaring chemical warfare on my pets, my home, my yard,repparttar 125773 environment, and on myself as well. Knowing that this had to stop, if I were going survive, I set out to find a pesticide-free way to keep fleas off my cats. My first step was to eliminate everything that had not worked for me in my war against fleas. So, I had to forget allrepparttar 125774 flea products that I knew about. Living in Florida, meant combing offrepparttar 125775 fleas every hour ifrepparttar 125776 cats went out onrepparttar 125777 screened porch, but I did it, in addition to wearing out a good vacuum cleaner. After a couple of years of trial and error, I developed a simple, cheap, and safe method that is so effective thatrepparttar 125778 cats seem to be “invisible to fleas”. Not only am I happy to be able to keep fleas off my cats, but I feel good about giving up my life of crime againstrepparttar 125779 environment.

There are many sites onrepparttar 125780 internet where you can find out allrepparttar 125781 names ofrepparttar 125782 harmful chemicals used in flea products. Anti-pesticide groups offer a lot of valuable information, as doesrepparttar 125783 NRDC (National Resource Defense Council) andrepparttar 125784 CDC (Center for Disease Control). Even some animal rescue organizations post warning against certain products. Personally, I think thatrepparttar 125785 terms KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN and WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER HANDLING should give usrepparttar 125786 clues we need. Plain and simple, do not use these products, there is something unsafe about them. Trust me,repparttar 125787 manufacturer is not just adding this information to makerepparttar 125788 label larger. There had to be a law somewhere that forced them to put these warnings on. Restrictions of this sort don’t surface until harm has been done, and until a lot of action has been taken by environmental groups. Your best course of action is to dorepparttar 125789 research yourself. Do not wait forrepparttar 125790 mainstream (corporate) media to inform you about what to use to keep fleas off your pet. The information that they decide you should have is influenced by advertising dollars fromrepparttar 125791 chemical industry.

Visitrepparttar 125792 NRDC flea product information sites and some Anti-pesticide group sites. They can be real eye openers. While you are looking at their sites, I hope you will take a few minutes to visitrepparttar 125793 KEEP FLEAS OFF site at: http://www.liquorman.net/keepfleasoff/

I suggest that you download information concerningrepparttar 125794 flea poisons, and use it as a guide to help protect your environment. After all, we are not just what we eat, but what we absorb through our skins and what we breathe into our lungs. Once a substance gets into your bloodstream, it has access to every cell that you own. One ofrepparttar 125795 few powers, that you still have, isrepparttar 125796 power to controlrepparttar 125797 environment in your home, USE IT!

Artist (clay and glass), origionally from NC, but living in Florida for 20 years. Except for a few years she has always lived with cats.

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