13 Free or Cheap Effective Advertising Methods

Written by Donnie Baird

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5. Place a magnetic sign or bumper sticker on your car. Now, when you are riding downrepparttar road, sitting at a stop sign, or leaving your car parked atrepparttar 117049 mall or grocery store, you are getting free advertising. 6. Wear your ad-Place your website on a sweatshirt, tee-shirt, or a hat. So, when you are out in public, people will see you ad and again it will open uprepparttar 117050 door to discussing your new business. 7. Flyers-There are many places that will allow you to place a flyer about your business. Businesses like grocery stores, libraries, laundromats, hair salons and others will let you place a free ad on their public bulletin board. 8. Business cards-Don't leave home without them. You never now whenrepparttar 117051 chance to hand one out will happen. You may see an old friend, meet someone looking to get out ofrepparttar 117052 9-5 rut or who is in need of a new opportunity. 9. Free Classifieds-Userepparttar 117053 internet andrepparttar 117054 many free classified ads on it to advertise your business. A search using "free classifieds" will give you an almost limitless number of places to submit your website and ad. 10.Ezines or electronic magazines are also a good place to advertise your business. Some charge a fee for placing your ad inrepparttar 117055 best location, some let you advertise for free. Again a web search will allow you find numerous ezines to place you ad in. 11.Place your web address in your e-mail signature. 12.Place a flyer or business card in your out going mail. 13.Word of Mouth-The least expensive form of advertising and mayberepparttar 117056 most effective way to advertise your business is word of mouth. Simply tell those you come in contact with that you are in business for yourself. They will tell others and they will tell others and it can go on and on. Sooner or later someone will take a look at what you are doing. Obviously, there are many more ways to advertise your business for little or no money. The point is you don't have to haverepparttar 117057 big bucks to successfully advertise you business or product. There are many people who have started and become extremely successful in their business on a shoe string advertising budget. There is hope forrepparttar 117058 small business owner. All you need is a website or add, a little creativity, a little time, and you too can advertise your way to success without going torepparttar 117059 poor house.

Donnie Baird has been involved with work at home businesses for 4 years and is the webmaster/owner of http://internet-work-at-home-opportunity.com . He lives in North Carolina with his wife and two children.


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