13-Point Business Development Plan for IT Professionals

Written by Andrew Neitlich

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6. Educate your audience with these informational messages, in any or all ofrepparttar following ways:

- Articles

- Interviews

- Written guides, papers, and manuals

- E-mail newsletters

- Your web site

- Seminars

- Speaking

- CD audios

7. Continue to follow up with prospects by offering more education and information. Each time you do, you build more trust and credibility. Soon your marketplace will trust and know you well enough to consider yourepparttar 133534 expert inrepparttar 133535 field.

8. Be responsive when prospects and clients call. Make it hassle free for clients and prospects to reach you, and get right back to them.

9. When prospects meet with you live to get your advice, don't sell. Instead, ask about their situation, problems, goals, and what they want to achieve by meeting with you. Listen carefully, and check withrepparttar 133536 prospect to confirm that you understand their priorities. Offer your experience aboutrepparttar 133537 prospect's problems and, after you are sure you understandrepparttar 133538 prospect's situation clearly, suggest potential solutions. At this point, assumingrepparttar 133539 prospect is intrigued, you can talk about your background and how you have helped others with similar problems. Finally, letrepparttar 133540 prospect choose what they want to do next, without any pressure.

10. Deliver outstanding results when you are hired.

11. Get testimonials that you can include with your marketing materials from clients, influential people, and colleagues attesting to your expertise and capabilities.

12. Ask for referrals.

13. Keep in touch with clients so that they call you FIRST when they need help. Do this not by selling but by offering valuable support, information, and follow up.

This simple plan will attract loyal clients to you, generate referrals, and establish your reputation asrepparttar 133541 expert in your niche.

Andrew Neitlich is the Senior Editor of The IT Accelerator, a newsletter that helps IT consultants and professionals attract more clients and projects. Subscribe at www.itprosuccess.com.

Mobile phone- PC data synchronization

Written by Daniil V Voronov

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Various features cover all information you need to save in archive, operate in continuous time or find out. Mobile Navigator supports personal archives of SMS messages, address book entries,organizer entries,call records, logotypes & melodies, themes etc. with easy and functional operating via PC interface. Synchronization with MS Outlook is available! New models are supported by downloadable plugins. Possibility to personalize your phone via creative editors for themes and files upload and much more! Mobile Navigator helps you to manage and organize dozen types of information with greater efficiency!

Home site URL: http://www.mobnav.com Download URL: http://download.muxe.com/v30/Mobile_Navigator_v30B.exe

Projects coordinator, Muxe Inc

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