12 Ways To Outsell Your Competition!

Written by Larry Dotson

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6. Performance- Can you make your product faster at solving your customers problem? Is your product easier to use than your competitions?

7. Features- Can you offer more product features than your competition? Do your features supportrepparttar benefits you offer?

8. Availability- Is your product always available or do your have to backorder it? Can your product suppliers drop ship to your customers?

9. Extras- Do you provided free bonuses when your customers buy your product? Are your bonuses more valuable than your competitions?

10. Service- Do you offer your customers free 24 hour customer service? Can you provide free product repair? Does your competition make their customers talk to a machine?

11. Proof- Can you provide more proof than your competition that your product is reliable? Can you provide stronger testimonials or endorsements?

12 Guarantees- Do you have a stronger guarantee than your competition? Do you offer warranties with your product? Do you provide an easier return policy?

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"Cash In Big During The Slow Sales Period!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

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Everybody wins!

3. Add A Bonus.

Everyone loves to get more than they expected. Give your customer a pleasant surprise by giving them something totally unexpected.

You can also use this technique by tellingrepparttar customer, BEFORErepparttar 127515 purchase, exactly what extras they can expect.

The bonus can either closerepparttar 127516 sale for you or provide your customer with such a positive experience that they plan to make future buys.

Take America Online as an example.

They recently released version 7.0 of their famous software disk that allows you to log onto their service for a full 1000 hours and/or up to 45 days. They just keep making it so tempting that you have to try it.

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Use any of these proven techniques as best fits your individual situation and expect to INCREASE your cash flow.

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