12 Ways To Make Money From Your Website

Written by William Nabaza

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Boost Your Affiliate Commissions With Free E-mail Courses

Written by Ken Hill

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6. Rewrite or edit your articles for inclusion in your free e-mail course.

This will give yourepparttar added advantage of being able to recommend and link to your affiliate programs within your course's content instead of just promoting your affiliate program in your resource box.

7. Use an aside -- a break inrepparttar 102500 information that tells your readers howrepparttar 102501 product you are promoting can help them -- to direct your readers' attention to your affiliate program.

Your aside can be a free bonus or a special benefit your readers will get for purchasingrepparttar 102502 product.

8. Set your aside off with a separator such as ******* and personalize your aside with your reader's name.

9. End your aside with a call to action that tells your readers what you want them to do such as learn more now at http://yourreferralurl.com or getrepparttar 102503 details now at http://yourreferralurl.com.

10. End each part of your course with a conclusion that tells your readers aboutrepparttar 102504 next part of your course and a personalized PS that tells your readers again aboutrepparttar 102505 service or product you wish to promote.

Your PS can be a recommendation, an added benefit for purchasingrepparttar 102506 product you are promoting, or a combination of both.

11. End your PS with a call to action.

12. Continue to follow up with your readers periodically after your readers have taken your course.

Remind your subscribers aboutrepparttar 102507 product or products you are promoting, tell them of new specials or bonuses for purchasingrepparttar 102508 product, or invite them to take new free e-mail courses or to subscribe to your e-zine.

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