12 Tips To Make Your eBay Business More Profitable

Written by Robbin K. Tungett

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If you have multiples ofrepparttar same item and more than one person has bid on it, make a "Second Chance" offer torepparttar 149065 next one or two unsuccessful bidders. You will findrepparttar 149066 response rate to these offers is quite high. If you simply choose to re list, there's a good chance that many ofrepparttar 149067 under-bidders will never see your item when it is re-listed.

7. Use a template to create a recognizable identity

Every auction you run should have a similar layout, graphics, and style that your customers can quickly associate with you. When one of your customers clicks on an item link and first arrives at your auction, they should instantly be able to say, "This is one of Bill's auctions." They will instantly feel at home and be more ready to bid.

8. Make use of eBay's Keyword program

Most people associate eBay's Keyword program with eBay stores, but it can be used very successfully in conjunction with your auctions too. The Keyword program is usually running some kind of free trial. Take advantage of it and see how it can increase bothrepparttar 149068 number of bids andrepparttar 149069 ending price for your auctions.

9. Use Google's Adwords program to attract buyers

Used correctly, Google's Adwords program is an excellent way to attract potential bidders who would otherwise never see your auctions. As long as you use search words or phrases that are tightly targeted torepparttar 149070 item you are selling, this can be a cheap and effective promotional tool.

10. Sell only one item per auction

There are exceptions, but bundling similar products into one auction almost always leads to fewer bids and decreased sales. While there may be times you do this to get rid of inventory that hasn't sold, it's normally not a good way to do business.

11. Sell internationally

The simple truth is that if you don't allow international buyers to bid on your auctions you are throwing money outrepparttar 149071 door. This is a lucrative market with lots of money to spend. Since many sellers exclude these buyers, it only makes sense that you give themrepparttar 149072 opportunity to spend their money with you.

12. Accept PayPal

If you're not accepting payment by PayPal, you may be loosing a lot of bidders and money. Buyers loverepparttar 149073 convenience of using this service and many won't bid on an item ifrepparttar 149074 seller doesn't offer it as a payment option. If you're not doing it, you are throwing money away.

Robbin K. Tungett is online marketing and eBay veteran of 8 years. She is most widely known for her eBay expertise and her website http://www.AuctionRiches.com. Please visit her blog at http://www.AuctionHerald.com.

Are you in the right business?

Written by Kara Kelso

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If you feel you are struggling due to being inrepparttar wrong type of business, take a step back. Act as though you have no business, and are looking forrepparttar 149064 first time. What are you looking for in a business? What type of products do you like? You can download our free ebook, Choosing Your Direct Sales Business for help with questions to ask yourself: http://www.DirectSalesHelpers.com/free-ebook.html

After you have answered some ofrepparttar 149065 most important questions and realized exactly what type of business you should be in, compare it to your current business. Does it match up, or isrepparttar 149066 company you are inrepparttar 149067 cause of your major problems? Now it's not to say this company is BAD - it's just notrepparttar 149068 right fit for you. For example, if you are with a company that deals mostly online, this company would be perfect for those that do not like to promote offline, but of course not good for those that do.

There are literally hundreds of direct sales companies and more opening every day. You can find just about any product with direct sales - from candles, to food, to greeting cards, and even decorative bags! Succeeding with one is just a matter of findingrepparttar 149069 one that matches you and your needs.

~~~~~~~ About the Authors: Kara Kelso & Anita DeFrank are two busy wahms, and the owners of Direct Sales Helpers. Learn how you can be successful in your company by visiting: http://www.DirectSalesHelpers.com

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