12 Tips To Find The Best Online Program

Written by Brian Pratt

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7. Marketing tools. Ifrepparttar program provides you with tools like web pages, auto responders, hit tracking counters, banners, sample promotional copy, downline management systems etc you obviously donít need to provide your own. This means two things. Firstly it minimises your costs and secondly saves you a lot of time setting them up.

8. Reputation. Itís more profitable to promote a program with a good reputation. Make surerepparttar 146781 program is viewed as reputable inrepparttar 146782 marketplace. One way to do this is to conduct a search usingrepparttar 146783 programís name andrepparttar 146784 word ďscamĒ. Dorepparttar 146785 same for a number of programs and youíll soon get a feel for their reputation.

9. Profitability. The best online programs make money for their owners and forrepparttar 146786 people who work in them. Satisfy yourself thatrepparttar 146787 program provides a profit for all.

10. Sales commission. Beware programs that pay very high affiliate commissions. If a program pays very high commissionsrepparttar 146788 product may be over priced (a problem) orrepparttar 146789 program may not have a viable business model (also a problem)

11. Compensation plan. Ensure there is provision inrepparttar 146790 compensation plan for you to benefit from your direct sales and fromrepparttar 146791 efforts of those you introduce torepparttar 146792 business. Also look for a program, which pays residual income (sell it once, get paid forever) as well some up front payment.

12. Free look. The best online programs will allow you to join for free before signing up. These programs have nothing to hide.

With these 12 tips you can now determinerepparttar 146793 best online program for you.

Good hunting and hereís to your success!

Brian Pratt is a 46 year old New Zealander with over 10 years internet experience. He owns and operates a Plug-In Profit Site at http://www.bestrealincome.com. You can contact Brian at brian@sfigold.com

Using External Coding To Improve Search Engine Placement

Written by George Peirson

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Both of these problems can be solved simply by using external files. You create one external file for your CSS and another file for your JavaScript. These could be named mysite.css forrepparttar CSS and mysite.js forrepparttar 146780 JavaScript. These files can be created in any plain text editor or html code editor, they are nothing more than files that contain most ofrepparttar 146781 CSS or JavaScript code fromrepparttar 146782 web pages.

With JavaScript you have an opening JavaScript tag, then a comment tag, then assorted functions and what not, followed by a closing comment tag and a closing JavaScript tag. Your external file would start withrepparttar 146783 opening comment tag, contain allrepparttar 146784 functions and such, and end withrepparttar 146785 closing comment tag. You would leave bothrepparttar 146786 opening and closing JavaScript tags inrepparttar 146787 html page. If you have more than one JavaScript onrepparttar 146788 page you can move allrepparttar 146789 code into one external js file. Simply copy it intorepparttar 146790 file inrepparttar 146791 same order as it exists inrepparttar 146792 JavaScript tags onrepparttar 146793 html page. You will only needrepparttar 146794 one pair of opening and closing comment tags.

Once your JavaScript is moved offrepparttar 146795 page you will need to tellrepparttar 146796 web page where to find it. This is done inrepparttar 146797 JavaScript tag that was left onrepparttar 146798 page inrepparttar 146799 head section. Right now this will be an opening JavaScript tag placed right up againstrepparttar 146800 closing JavaScript tag, with no additional code in between. You will placerepparttar 146801 reference torepparttar 146802 external JavaScript code insiderepparttar 146803 opening JavaScript tag like this:

script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript" src="mysite.js"

Placing CSS styles in an external file is handled in exactlyrepparttar 146804 same manner. Moverepparttar 146805 styles intorepparttar 146806 external file, and then refer to that external file with your style tag inrepparttar 146807 head section ofrepparttar 146808 web page like this:

link href="mysite.css" rel="nofollow" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"

An added benefit of movingrepparttar 146809 code into external files is that you can then changerepparttar 146810 styles of your whole site simply by changingrepparttar 146811 code inrepparttar 146812 one external file.

Once you have movedrepparttar 146813 code into external files you will have greatly simplifiedrepparttar 146814 code on each page. This will take you a long way towards making your pages lean and mean, and very search engine friendly.

You can find sample external files for this article on my web site at: www.howtogurus.com/free-articles.html

Copyright 2005 - George Peirson

George Peirson is a successful Entrepreneur, Internet Trainer and author of over 30 multimedia based tutorial training titles. Read more articles by George Peirson at www.howtogurus.com/free-articles.html

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