12 Quick Tips For Beginning Webmasters

Written by Dan B. Cauthron

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You may wish to contactrepparttar English department at a nearby high school or college, and arrange to have an upper level student perform this task for you. It's that important!

7. Keep your page design clean and free of clutter. A site that visually assaultsrepparttar 131861 visitor will be clicked off quickly. White space and clearly defined sections will make for easier navigation.

8. For a large site, breakrepparttar 131862 content into sections and create seperate pages accordingly. Many Internet users do not like to scroll down indeterminately on overly long pages. Manage your page length to three screens maximum.

9. Test your pages with multiple browsers to be sure they work as they should. What works in one browser may not work with another. The two most commonly used browsers as of this writing are MS Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

10. Invest wisely in registering your own domain name and acquiring professional quality webhosting. To rely, even at first, on sub-domains or free hosting services will seriously harm your business credibility. In addition, avoid using any free email account as a business contact.

11. Provide a incentive and a method for visitors to join your mailing list, and display it prominently on each page. This is not an option. It's a necessity to your ongoing success.

12. Openly display your full name, your physical address, and at least two contact methods (ie. email and telephone) on your site. This will cultivate visitor trust, and add to your credibility as an honest and above-board business owner.

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The Meta Search Engines: A Web Searcher's Best Friends

Written by Daniel Bazac

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EmailPinoy [ www.emailpinoy.com ] Sends your query to 15 search engines. Don't use Kanoodle, ah_ha.com and GoClick pay-per-click search engines, because you'll get irrelevant results. For better results enclose phrases in quotation marks. This MSE is fromrepparttar Philippines. 1 SECOND [ 1second.com ] Searches a good selection of 14 major SEs and WDs, throws outrepparttar 131858 duplicates and summarizesrepparttar 131859 results in a neat listings page. Userepparttar 131860 Advanced Search if you want to customizerepparttar 131861 search, especiallyrepparttar 131862 timeout ofrepparttar 131863 search engines. My Prowler [ myprowler.com ] Searches over a dozen search engines, news, images, audio/MP3, music videos, auctions and various other sites. Compilesrepparttar 131864 results, weeds out irrelevant matches and provides a summarized report. It accepts "natural language" query. Gimenei [ www.gimenei.com ] Use ofrepparttar 131865 "Advanced Search" option is strongly recommended. You can customizerepparttar 131866 results page, including my favorite option, "All Results" in one page. This is a comprehensive and fast MSE based in Manhattan, New York. Dug Dugi [ www.dugdugi.com ] Queriesrepparttar 131867 major search engines, collatesrepparttar 131868 results, eliminates bad information and aggregatesrepparttar 131869 results in an ultra-clean layout. For each match you'll getrepparttar 131870 search engine andrepparttar 131871 ranking ofrepparttar 131872 page. Search 66 [ search66.com ] Groups together pages fromrepparttar 131873 same domain. Beautiful. To avoid SEs timeouts, selectrepparttar 131874 "Speed": "Comprehensive". Obviously, you'll get more results from this excellent Australian MSE. Besidesrepparttar 131875 very good MSEs listed above, there are also some others that are worth a try: Internav [ internav.com ], NetXplorer [ www.netxplorer.de ] (Germany), Aaise [ www.aaise.com/meta ], Metengine [ www.metengine.com ] (Antigua), One2Seek [ www.one2seek.com ], Ithaki [ www.ithaki.net ], Fossick [ www.fossick.com/Search.htm ] (Australia), Pandia [ www.pandia.com/powersearch/index.html ] (Norway), meta EUREKA [ www.metaeureka.com ] (Netherlands), Widow [ www.widow.com ], VROOSH! [ www.vroosh.com ] (Canada), Meta 360 [ meta360.com ], 7 Meta Search [ 7metasearch.com ], Metor [ www.metor.com ] (Germany) and Ixquick [ www.ixquick.com ]. The following is a list of some unimpressive meta search engines. These MSEs do not providerepparttar 131876 breadth of coverage offered byrepparttar 131877 sites recommended above. Each of these has its own flawed characteristics, but generally they are old and have not kept up with repparttar 131878 latest capabilities or they suffer from too many functional problems.

Metacrawler [ www.metacrawler.com ], Dogpile [ www.dogpile.com ], C4 (formerly Cyber 411) [ www.c4.com ], Mamma [ www.mamma.com ] (Canada), Pro Fusion [ www.profusion.com ], moonmist [ www.moonmist.info ] (UK), Bytedog [ www.bytedog.com ] (Canada), il motore [ www.ilmotore.com ] (Italy), METASEEK.NL [ www.metaseek.nl ] (Netherlands) and ApocalX [ search.apocalx.com ] (France). 2. Pseudo MSEs Type I The type I Pseudo MSE sendsrepparttar 131879 query torepparttar 131880 search engines, and then presentsrepparttar 131881 results grouped by search engine in one long, easy to read scrollable list. Be careful. Based on how many SEs you select,repparttar 131882 waiting time can be very long. Some people might find these MSEs useful, however. The best MSEs in this category are: Mall Agent [ www.mallagent.com/web.html ], which provides results from 38 SEs and WDs, qb Search [ www.qbsearch.com/ ] (from 17), Better Brain [ www.betterbrain.com/ ] (12), My Net Crawler [ www.mynetcrawler.com/ ] (12), NBCi [ nbci.msnbc.com ] (11), Planet Search (Sherlock Hound) [ www.planetsearch.com/ ] (10), Rede Search [ www.redesearch.com/ ] (8), 1 BLINK [ www.1blink.com/ ] (7), Search Wiz [ www.searchwiz.com ] (6) and Search Fido [ www.searchfido.com ] from 4 SEs and WDs. 3) Pseudo MSEs Type II There are two types of Type II Pseudo MSEs: a) You type your query one time and then selectrepparttar 131883 search engines. One browser window will open for each SE selected. The best are: Multi-Search-Engine.com [www.multi-search-engine.com] which opens 36 windows, GoGettem [ www.gogettem.com ] (30), Search Bridge [ www.searchbridge.com ] (24), The Info [ www.theinfo.com ] (15) and Net Depot [ www.netdepot.org ] (15). b) You chooserepparttar 131884 SE, typerepparttar 131885 query inrepparttar 131886 SE' form and a new window will open. Every search engine has its own query form. Many users will find these window-opening MSEs annoying. The best of this type are: Alpha Seek [ www.alfaseek.com ], Westlaser [ www.westlaser.com/ ], Dan's No Overhead Search Thingy [ www.danielc.com hingy.html ], Express Find [ www.expressfind.com ] and Freeality [ www.freeality.com/meta.htm ] .

4) Search Utilities (also called Desktop Search Applications) These are downloadable meta search tools that search multiple search engines. Results are collated and ranked for relevancy with redundancies removed. They are not free but most of them have a free trial version available. The price? A few dozen dollars. The most popular are: BullsEye [ www.intelliseek.com/ ], Copernic [ www.copernic.com/ ], LexiBot (formerly know as Mata Hari) [ lexibot.com ], WebFerret [ www.zdnet.com/ferret/index.html ] and WolfBot [ www.wolfbot.com/ ].

Conclusions: Now, you might ask yourself: If MSEs are so good, do we still needrepparttar 131887 search engines? Well, it depends. I use a search engine - yup, Google - when I search for general information. I use a meta search engine when I'm looking for a unique or obscure search term or if I want to make an in-depth analysis of what's out there on a specific subject. My suggestion is to find some time and give a test drive to repparttar 131888 MSEs; you might fall in love with these lesser-known search tools. And next time you use your search engine of choice, remember that there are search tools that can provide you many more relevant results. Good luck with your searches!

Daniel Bazac is Search Engine Marketer for Web Design in New York, a site design, Search Engine Optimization and promotion company ( http://www.web-design-in-new-york.com ). He's been online since 1995 and he's also an Internet Information Researcher. He can be reached at mailto:danielbazac@hotmail.com

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