12 Point Checklist for Writing Feature Articles

Written by Jill Black

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6. Have you checked and cross-referenced your facts amongst your various sources.

7. Have you decided onrepparttar length ofrepparttar 129498 article? Have you checkedrepparttar 129499 length is suitable forrepparttar 129500 publication you are sending it to?

Tip: Do not wasterepparttar 129501 editors time by sending a 2000 word article to a publication that requires articles between 500-750 words. 8. Will you use quotes in your article? Quotes and antcedotes bring a story to life. Arerepparttar 129502 quotes from a reliable source and have you double checked that quotes used are acurately recorded?

9. Do you have a good lead, middle and ending?

10. Have you proofread and edited your article to achieve repparttar 129503 best possible version through re-writing your drafts to arrive at your final version?

Have you made all corrections and necessary changes, have you checked spelling (this includes people and place names) grammar, punctuation etc?

11. Ifrepparttar 129504 feature is to be visual - have you providedrepparttar 129505 appropriate photographs, art work, line drawings, or other graphic illustrations to compliment your feature?

This increasesrepparttar 129506 payment amount you can expect to receive especially if you are a feature photojournalist or travel feature writer who can offer original photographic perspectives of your subject topic.


12. Have you included everything in your envelope before sending your article torepparttar 129507 publisher (including photos properly packaged) or, ifrepparttar 129508 magazine or newspaper excepts online submissions have you given everything a final check before hittingrepparttar 129509 send button?

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Writing Web Copy That SELLS - How It Compares With Offline Copy

Written by Kris Mills

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A - Incite action. Put a limited time frame on your offer and tell them how to order. Make it as easy as you can to purchase. Give them a number of options.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

Copywriting, whether it's offline or online is still all about YOU (orrepparttar client, that is). Write in a direct "me to you" way. Use twice as many "you's" as you do "we's". This forces you to step intorepparttar 129497 readers' shoes and by doing that you're helping them relate (really relate) to what you're saying.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` Break it up! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

There's nothing that will make people click away faster than long, tedious paragraphs and long sentences. Break up those sentences. Break up those paragraphs into one or two sentences (atrepparttar 129498 very most).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` Put those HOT words in lights! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

Every time you move on to a new point include a subheading. This breaks uprepparttar 129499 copy and makes it much easier to read. It also enables people to scan your piece. With a good web piece you should be able to scan justrepparttar 129500 subheads and be able to pick outrepparttar 129501 major selling arguments in order so you can get a good gist of whatrepparttar 129502 piece is about.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` Use strategically placed links to expand on points ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

In situations where some readers may need to find out more about a certain point, instead of including a description inrepparttar 129503 main body of your online sales letter, include a link to an explanatory paragraph. This enables you to include allrepparttar 129504 copy you need to sell something WITHOUT watering downrepparttar 129505 power of your main piece.

It might be simply a description ofrepparttar 129506 meaning of a certain term.

It might be links to additional research which proves that your product delivers results.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` Weave testimonials throughout your copy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

Testimonials SELL. Gather as many testimonials as you can from clients and feature them in a variety of different ways. Have a testimonials or "what clients say" section. Feature these testimonials as case studies AND use them as part ofrepparttar 129507 copy when making a particular point.

Eg. Your car will be so shiny it will look brand new AND be worth $000's more.

Margaret Smith of Smith and Co. Balmain agrees:

"I wanted to sell my 1995 Ford and to be honest it had been a little neglected overrepparttar 129508 years. I was given an initial trade in price from a dealer and after being rather disappointed withrepparttar 129509 price I thought I'd arrange for your detailing services. My gosh. What a result! I hardly recognised it. It looked like a brand new car. I then took it in to another dealer and they offered me $5,000 more. Thank you so much!"

This is a brief overview of how to write powerful web copy. There are a number of other key copywriting principles to consider. You can find more copywriting browsing our site.

Just remember - no matter what sales vehicle you're using,repparttar 129510 recipe for copywriting success isrepparttar 129511 same. It's justrepparttar 129512 tone andrepparttar 129513 length that changes.

Kris Mills of Words that Sell ( http://www.wordsthatsell.com.au )is a top selling copywriter and respected author of numerous publications. For more copywriting and direct marketing tips, visit http://www.synergie.com.au/explosion.htm

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