12 Places to Buy a Mailing List

Written by Jeffrey Dobkin

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A plethora of list managers of mailing lists can be found inrepparttar direct mail trade magazines such as Catalog Age & Direct Magazines: 203/358-9900, Target Marketing: 215/238-5300, Direct Marketing: 516/746-6700, and DM News: 212/741-2095.

Some list brokers sell through their own catalog of mailing lists. These handy reference tools will give you an idea of just whatís out there - what kind of lists are available and counts of how many records exist inrepparttar 108225 thousands of different list categories. Want to know how many dentists there are? Itís a piece of cake: 190,168 are members ofrepparttar 108226 ADA. Want to know if there is a list of picky ale drinkers? Findrepparttar 108227 list of ďAle inrepparttar 108228 Mail-Continuity Members:Ē 70,973 of them. Selling an accounting product? Tryrepparttar 108229 list of Accounting Institute Seminar Attendees - all 78,634 of them. Looking for college professors? Did you wantrepparttar 108230 43,347 who teach English, orrepparttar 108231 18,184 who teach history, orrepparttar 108232 8,477 in marketing, orrepparttar 108233 9,194 philosophy teachers, or theÖ

If you need additional information - like how many doctors who specialize in allergies and arerepparttar 108234 head of their practice with four or more employees can be found in Pennsylvania - call any of these catalog houses and ask them to run a count. Youíll be able to get that information in about ten minutes. Hugo Dunhill: 800/223-6454, American Business Lists: 800/555-5335, Best Mailing Lists: 800/692-2378, CompilersPlus: 800/431-2914, and Edith Roman: 800/223-2194 to name just a few. More phone numbers can be found in my books Uncommon Marketing Techniques and How To Market A Product For Under $500!

Several companies now offer lists of every business or every person inrepparttar 108235 U.S. on CD-ROM. These products allow you to create your own list criteria and generate your own precisely targeted mailing lists. Some ofrepparttar 108236 better programs make it easy and fast to use their CD-ROM products. Mailing list CDs are available from InfoUSA: 800/321-0869, and Global Business International: 407/568-5037 to name but two.

One ofrepparttar 108237 best resources for lists isrepparttar 108238 Internet. Thereís no getting around it now,repparttar 108239 Internet is here to stay ó you might as well get on and get used to it. Itís a great - probablyrepparttar 108240 best - research tool available for almost anything, if you can filter outrepparttar 108241 crap fromrepparttar 108242 good stuff. ButÖ isnít thatrepparttar 108243 way with all research tools: you gotta figure out which isrepparttar 108244 good stuff that you can use, and which isrepparttar 108245 bad stuff that youíve just spentrepparttar 108246 last two hours looking over and have now figured out is pretty worthless.

Youíd be surprised how many of your competitors will sell your their customersí names. If not competitors, how about asking other businesses who serve your market if you can purchase their mailing lists.

Of course,repparttar 108247 best list of all - bar none - is your own house list of current and past customers. These arerepparttar 108248 folks that know you and trust you; theyíve experienced that great customer service you offer and are now willing to buy something else from you if you would only let them know itís available.

Spend some extra time in this most important area - list research: tighten your list criteria, do your homework, spend time in research, and findrepparttar 108249 best lists you can possibly find. Then test several. Itís worthrepparttar 108250 extra time and money to target your audience with precision and increaserepparttar 108251 chance youíll come up a winner atrepparttar 108252 post office. There is no single more important factor in creating a greater response to a mailing than mailing torepparttar 108253 best possible list. Whatever you do, donít settle for a mediocre list unless you want mediocre results.

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Bio ó Jeffrey Dobkin, author ofrepparttar 108254 incredible 400-page marketing manual How To Market a Product for Under $500 ($29.95 +$4), now has a second book, Uncommon Marketing Techniques ($17.95 +$3) - 35 of his latest columns on small business marketing, exactly likerepparttar 108255 one you just read. Both books are available directly fromrepparttar 108256 publisher - CALL TOLL FREE 800-234-IDEA - phone orders welcome - Visa, M/C, AMEX. These books are completely filled with tips and techniques to make your marketing faster, cheaper, more effective - and fun. You never learned this stuff in college! Mr. Dobkin cuts right throughrepparttar 108257 theoretical crap and demonstrates a wealth of practical how-to direct marketing techniques. He is also a speaker, writes powerful, response-driven sales letters, engaging web content, persuasive catalog copy; and exceptionally hard-hitting direct mail packages. He also is a marketing consultant who will analyze your direct marketing packages, ads, catalogs, and campaigns. To place an order, or to speak with Mr. Dobkin call 610/642-1000. Fax 610/642-6832. From The Danielle Adams Publishing Company, Box 100, Merion Station, PA 19066. Or visit him at www.dobkin.com. Satisfaction Always Guaranteed.

Other articles from Jeffrey DObkin can be read at his website: www.dobkin.com. Call him at 610-642-1000. Dobkin is the author of "How to Market A Product for Under $500!"

How-To 'Bond Like Super-Glue' With Your Subscribers!

Written by Michael Green

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The answer to why this list owner was disappointed by his Ezine income was very clear...

He had failed to 'bond' with his readership. In fact, he had forgotten to apply any glue at all!

So how do you insert glue between you and your subscribers?

It's easy -- follow these 4 SUPER-GLUE STEPS:

1. GIVE THEM QUALITY CONTENT You have to make certain that there are benefits torepparttar reader in subscribing and this means bringing them fresh interesting articles and perspectives onrepparttar 108224 subject that your Ezine tackles.

2. BE CLEAR WHERE YOU ARE COMING FROM If you told new subscribers your Ezine was about how to "better work from home", then at least roughly stick to your subject matter. If you don't your Ezine will become completely defocused, confusing your reader.

3. BE CERTAIN YOUR READER KNOWS ABOUT YOU Your task is to build trust. The only way we come to trust each other is to get to know one another first. So you've got to be bringing your reader up to speed about yourself as editor. Your likes, dislikes and views are all important. Donít hide them.

4. PROMISE AN ONGOING RELATIONSHIP The glue dries stronger, if your readers believe that you will still be around next week, month or year. You can't develop a powerful relationship with your reader if they believe that you are a fly-by-night newsletter editor.

Do all this and guess what?

The next time you happen to mentionrepparttar 108225 latest, greatest, hottest new product onrepparttar 108226 block and then proceed to give it your personal seal of approval, your readers will follow you to purchase that item - as if they were actually stuck to you.

That will be because youíve takenrepparttar 108227 time to 'Bond like Super-Glue' With Your Subscribers before trying to sell them anything that moves.

Good luck with your Ezine,

Michael Green Ezine Guru.

© How To Corporation. All rights reserved.

------------------------------------------------------------ The author, Michael Green, is an accomplished Ezine editor and well-known newsletter guru. He has recently launched an Easy Ezine Toolkit which can provide you with a whole host of invaluable 'insider' secrets on generating income and profits from your own Ezine. Well worth getting your hands on. Pick up your copy today at http://www.EasyEzineToolkit.com ------------------------------------------------------------

Michael Green, is an accomplished Ezine guru. He recently launched an Ezine Toolkit which provides you with invaluable 'insider' secrets on generating income and profits from your own Ezine. Pick up your copy today at http://www.EasyEzineToolkit.com

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