12 Essential Tips To A Professional Business Website

Written by Evelyn Lim

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6. Do not have too many unnecessary graphics on your website. This is especially if their file sizes are too big. You don’t want to risk losing a potential but impatient visitor to your website.

7. Don’t “bold” large chunks of your text. Bold and italic should be used for highlighting and for drawing special attention.

8. Do not underline text that does not point to a link. It can be misleading to your visitor who may wonder whyrepparttar link is broken or not working.

9. Userepparttar 140789 standard blue underlined link look. Avoid changingrepparttar 140790 link colour. Don’t introduce confusion to your online visitors!

10. It is useful to include links back to your home page on all your pages. Your first time visitor may have arrived at one of your sub-pages, other than your home page. Make it easy for them to link back to your all important sales page (home page).

11. Always check to ensure that you have no broken or outdated links. Get your friends to feedback to you when they should discover any one of these and make amendments immediately.

12. Don’t put “under construction” signs on a page. If it’s not finished, do not publicise it or make it accessible.

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Google Patent Application - Seo Highlights

Written by Halstatt Pires

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Google’s Looking at Your Domain

In a new twist, Google claims that it analyzesrepparttar number of years of domain registration as part ofrepparttar 140788 ranking process. The application suggests that domains that are registered for longer periods of time are given more value because such a commitment showsrepparttar 140789 site is not a fly-by-night jump page. It is recommended that you extend all domain registrations for as long as possible as part of your search engine optimization efforts. It is difficult to tell how muchrepparttar 140790 registration process impactsrepparttar 140791 ranking process, but every little bit helps.

Google claims that it also digs deeper into domain names to evaluaterepparttar 140792 legitimacy ofrepparttar 140793 site. Factors inrepparttar 140794 evaluation includerepparttar 140795 web host andrepparttar 140796 “who is” information. According torepparttar 140797 patent application, Google maintains a database of hosts that facilitate spamming ofrepparttar 140798 Google search engine. While such hosts are not detailed inrepparttar 140799 application, pray to God that you are not using one. You should evaluate your host if your optimization efforts are not producing results.

If your search engine optimization efforts for Google are failing,repparttar 140800 patent application may provide answers. Talk about a perfect E-book!

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