11 Ways To Increase Forums Activites

Written by Pinyo Bhulipongsanon

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Even if they don't have a forum, offer to write about their web site or add a link to their site in exchange for some posts.

Recruit moderators

As your member population grows, find a few good posters (the ones that post high-quality messages and replies) and ask them if they want to help you moderaterepparttar forum. Give them more rights than other users so that they can edit and/or delete other people posts at their descretion. They will help you keeprepparttar 136026 forum in order, make sure allrepparttar 136027 rules are followed and help you answers questions. Many people are happy to take on this challenge.

Do email follow up with your members

Send email to members that registered, but have not returned in a long time. Tell them what has change since their last visit and why it may be worthwhile for them to return to your site. Try to do this about once every quarter, but do not do this more than once a month. Be sure to respect their rights by including appropriate unsubscribe information and take their name offrepparttar 136028 mailing list at their request.

Offer incentives

Some forums like this one offers incentives for forum members to make posts. For instance, I offer free text-link advertisement in exchange for posts.

Hire a Professional

This would be my last option, but it may work for you. There are professional message posters out there that will participate in your forums by starting threads and posting replies. This is a good solution if you are really stuck and need someone else to help you getrepparttar 136029 forums going.

Some other things to keep in mind is that you should start your forums small with perhaps 3-4 categories, then slowly expand and create more categories. This way,repparttar 136030 forums does not look so empty. Additionally, some forums software has polling features. Use these to your advantage. Controversial polls and topics can create flurries of activity.

As a final note, please tell me what you think about this article in our webmaster forums (did you getrepparttar 136031 idea?).

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A Painless Plagiarism Solution

Written by David Walker

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Informrepparttar webmaster your material should be removed from their website within a certain time frame, I chose 48 hours, or you will takerepparttar 135855 following action:

1. Contact their web hosting company and inform them ofrepparttar 135856 webmaster’s abuse. A WHOIS search (e.g. http://www.whois.sc) can reveal plenty of information about a particular website, including hosting information and also contact details ofrepparttar 135857 individual or company that registeredrepparttar 135858 website.

A personal introduction, for example, ‘Dear Mr Smith’, is very effective when makingrepparttar 135859 first contact to combat plagiarism, especially if this information is not readily available onrepparttar 135860 ‘Contact’ section ofrepparttar 135861 offending website!

2. In caserepparttar 135862 offending webmaster does not takerepparttar 135863 prospect ofrepparttar 135864 above action seriously then you should also clearly state you intend to file a notice of Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DCMA) infringement with search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

This action can potentially ruin a web business asrepparttar 135865 search engines take a dim view of plagiarism and can remove an offending site from their search results should an infringement claim be justified.

You can also point out that you can prove your website isrepparttar 135866 originator ofrepparttar 135867 copy by usingrepparttar 135868 Internet Archive (http://web.archive.org/).

These simple procedures should be enough to persuade an offending webmaster to remove your material withoutrepparttar 135869 need for legal action which can be a long, drawn out and expensive process.

© 2005 David Walker

David Walker is the Managing Director of Magic Hat Ltd (http://www.magichatltd.co.uk), a company which provides webmasters with a range of brand new sports, gambling and entertainment affiliate programmes to promote.

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