11 Ways To Elevate Your Sales

Written by Ken Hill

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Choose autoresponders that allow you to personalize your messages, that automatically take care of subscribes and unsubcribes, and that allow you to mass mail to your opt in list so that you can run an ezine.

Autoresponders are also great tools that you can use to offer your visitors free email courses. Like your ezine make your courses useful and informative. This will create more trust between you and your visitors and increase your sales.

9. Promote your business in targeted ezines by purchasing classified ads, top sponsor ads or solo ads.

Always track how well your advertising does so that you will know exactly which ezines are best to continue advertising in, and so that you will know if you need to make changes to your ad.

10. Be helpful to your visitors.

Answer your visitors questions with an attitude of being helpful and you will be able develop a good rapport and trust with your visitors. This will lead to more sales and more repeat purchases from your customers.

11. Provide an affiliate program for your visitors and customers to join.

Your affiliate program can generate a substantial added income as your affiliates successfully promote your products or services.

View your affiliate program as a partnership between you and your affiliates. Provide tons of things they can use to promote your products such as classified ads, rebrandable ebooks, your articles, or your marketing courses.

Also provide sample testimonials that your affiliates who have bought your product can use or get ideas from and encourage them to recommend your products on their site or to their subscribers.

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Successfully Selling Your Professional Services

Written by Dr. Rachna D. Jain

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Congruency. Another aspect to consider in marketing yourself is that of congruency. Congruency isrepparttar match between what you say and what you do. This "match" between inner and outer helps potential clients understand you and remember you. For example, if you say that you're a financial services advisor, specializing in accounts over $500k, make sure you "look" and "act"repparttar 127217 part. This means that you will behave much like your ideal clients. You will dressrepparttar 127218 same, readrepparttar 127219 same magazines, spend time inrepparttar 127220 same restaurants or belong torepparttar 127221 same professional groups. Your ideal clients will be attracted to you if you are congruent between what you say and what you do. Build your credibility by cultivating this 'match' within yourself.

Competency. The best marketing inrepparttar 127222 world will not save a professional who is not competent and skilled at his or her trade. Although you are probably extraordinarily competent already make sure to maintain this "edge" by continuous learning. To continue being extremely skilled upgrade your education and training whenever needed. The highly skilled professional commands higher fees and find it easier to attract and retain high quality clients.

Charisma. Charisma isrepparttar 127223 skill of leading and developing a devoted following. You can increase your charisma and should make every effort to do so. Be aware of your "silent" language. Do you look interested? Are you listening? Do you ask good questions? Do you providerepparttar 127224 prospect an opportunity to ask questions or get more information? Do you have resources to recommend to this client if it turns out she or he is not a match for your business?

Consistency. The most effective marketing strategy ever is consistency. Day in and day out, you must commit to marketing yourself and your professional services. It is too easy to forgo marketing when business picks up which may leave you scrambling for business during a downturn. Instead, commit fully to daily marketing actions and then take them.

Let's say that you're ready to put these 6 C's in place but you'd like someone to help you move forward. Consider, then, a 7th "C"- Coaching. If you're a person who is open to new approaches, willing to take action and believe that support, guidance, and accountability would benefit you, consider working with a Certified Sales Coach. These specially trained professionals can help you developrepparttar 127225 skills you need to build your ideal business in record time.

(c) 2003. Dr. Rachna D. Jain. All Rights in All Media Reserved.

Dr. Rachna D. Jain is Director of Operations for Sales Coach Training a division of Comprehensive Coaching U. If you'd like to learn more about working with a Certified Sales Coach, please visit http://www.salescoachtraining.com/meet.html.

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