11 Things You MUST Know Before Hiring a Copywriter

Written by Alexandria Brown

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Good copywriting does not come cheaply you'll find writers who charge anywhere from $50 - $150 per hour and up. You'll pay more for an experienced writer, one with a particular specialty, or one who's also a proficient editor. (Many writers are also great editors, but not all writers are editors, and vice versa.) Some writers will even arrange for your piece to get a final review by a professional proofreader. (A very good idea, since there are almost always a few errors that no one catches untilrepparttar last minute.)

7. Work on more than a handshake.

True writing pros will give you an agreement they've drawn up for you. However, you'll occasionally find yourself having to draft an agreement forrepparttar 108213 project. This doesn't have to be complex a simple letter of agreement that you both sign should do fine. Be sure to includerepparttar 108214 project size, number of revisions included (if applicable), timetable, and agreed fee (this can be a flat fee or hourly rate).

And don't forget to ask about what's NOT included. For example,many writers charge extra for in-person meetings, research time, and weekend or rush work. You should also expect to pay an upfront retainer. Serious writers charge one-third to one-half ofrepparttar 108215 total project fee upfront, and many won't begin your project until they haverepparttar 108216 signed agreement and check in hand. And if you have sensitive or proprietary information, don't hesitate to have your writer sign a non-disclosure agreement.

8. Give your writer background info atrepparttar 108217 start.

I've often heardrepparttar 108218 story of a writer being hired for a large project, andrepparttar 108219 first thing she's asked to do is come in and interview several principals ofrepparttar 108220 company. After several days of interviews,repparttar 108221 writer is then handedrepparttar 108222 company's annual report, previous brochures, and marketing plan.

If this background info had been given up front,repparttar 108223 client could have saved hours of time and money! Atrepparttar 108224 beginning of your project, pass on any and all previous brochures or sales kits, direct mail, Web site URLs, annual reports, research results, or business or marketing plans.

9. Appoint one person as your "project captain."

Appoint one person at your company as project captain. If you allow too many people in your organization to work withrepparttar 108225 writer directly, each of them will likely have a different opinion ofrepparttar 108226 copy and request different edits from your writer. She may be forced to make many unnecessary revisions, adding time and cost to your project.

If you need to involve multiple reviewers inrepparttar 108227 process, have your project captain handlerepparttar 108228 internal reviews and edits and decide which ones supercede others. Then give your writer one master copy that includes all edits to be made. Also, be sure to involve your final decision maker early on, be it your CEO or board of directors. This gives your writer clear direction and avoids costly revisions downrepparttar 108229 road.

10. Give constructive criticism.

Although copywriters have egos of steel and are accustomed to criticism, make yours constructive for best results. "This paragraph just doesn't work" isn't nearly as effective as "What we need to do here is stressrepparttar 108230 benefits ofrepparttar 108231 non-skid surface." Also, tell her what parts you do like so she can emulate them elsewhere. And of course, everyone loves to know when they've done a good job. If you like her work, be sure to share that with her.

11. Don't discount "chemistry."

You need to feel comfortable with your writer in order to work effectively together. Takerepparttar 108232 time to find a great copywriter whom you truly like and develop a good working relationship together. You'll get top-quality work that will help your business thrive. And you'll have a skilled and knowledgeable copywriter on call for your next communications effort.

Alexandria Brown is president of AKB Marketing Communications. Her FREE monthly e-zine gives "how-to" tips on writing compelling copy for Web sites, brochures, and e-zines. Learn how to attract new clients and strengthen your customer relationships! Subscribe today at http://www.akbwriting.com or by e-mailing AKBMarCom- On@lists.webvalence.com

Somebody's Distributing Your Copyright Content Illegally? Know Your Facts Before You Accuse

Written by June Campbell

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A phone call to my web host confirmed they were hosting both my site andrepparttar other company's site. Since both web sites were onrepparttar 108212 same public server, any domain listed on that server would have produced identical results withrepparttar 108213 FTP URL given above. That is, you could change ftp://www.nightcats.com/pub/users heirfiles/ to ftp://www.something-else.com/pub/users heirfiles/ and you would get access to this company's software. If a web administrator has set uprepparttar 108214 server to implement anonymous FTP in this fashion, then all that is necessary is for both web domains to be stored onrepparttar 108215 same server.

And that brings us torepparttar 108216 fourth mistake. If you don't want your copyright-protected software files to be available for public download, why inrepparttar 108217 wide world would you store them in a public FTP directory where everyone has free access? Public means public. If you wantrepparttar 108218 files to be available only to authorized users, doesn't it make sense to have a private, password-protected directory set up on your web site?

Had I wanted to be vindictive, I could have postedrepparttar 108219 URL to multiple newsgroups and mailing lists. Hundreds of people could have downloaded those files beforerepparttar 108220 problem was corrected. I didn't do that, but some people would.

What can be learned from this episode? 1. An understanding of basic Internet protocols is essential if you are running an Internet business. It is equally important that your agents, employees and company reps are trained, since they arerepparttar 108221 ones that are likely to makerepparttar 108222 mistakes. 2. Have a tech-guro available to advise you on issues that are beyond your current understanding. 3. If you're operating an Internet business, get a tough skin. You'll be accused of some mighty interesting stuff.

June Campbell's writing has appeared in various international publications. Visit her on the web for articles, a FREE gift, or for how-to booklets on writing a business proposal, developing a business plan, developing a joint venture contract and more http://www.nightcats.com

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