11 Smart Choices You Can Make

Written by Susan Dunn, M.A., Clinical Psychology

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7. Make use of hypnagogic time,repparttar "twilight" just before and after sleep.

Use it to visualize dreams, solutions and alternatives.

8. Choose to be optimistic. Like other emotional intelligence competencies, it can be learned.

Optimistic people accomplish more, live longer healthier lives, and undoubtedly enjoy it more.

9. Temper reality with optimism, and optimism with reality.

10. Don't live in isolation.

Isolation is worse for your health than smoking, high cholesterol, or obesity.

10. When you're in a transition, get a coach.

Why stand atrepparttar 123870 crossroads alone?

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Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

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Do you keep in touch with friends, try to establish new acquaintances, and lift up those that are unhappy, hurt, or in need of a kind word or a touch of your hand? You make out your appointment sheets, set your time restraints and chooserepparttar importance of what takes up your time and what you set aside for later. But how much later is later?

Earning a living, whether you are single, married, divorced, or widowed will surely take up a lot of time. Then why do others find a few moments to stop and chat, smile at a passer-by, or even thank someone for assisting them with their purchases or serving their meal? Note thatrepparttar 123869 really important tokens of being a happy, healthy, loving person take only a moment or two. In turn, you will find out, they add years to your outlook and to your vision ofrepparttar 123870 future.

None of us know how much actual time we have to live, nor would we want to. With information like that, we might make foolish choices and create dangerous situations for ourselves and others. So this information is not ours, but if we wake inrepparttar 123871 morning, we have a day to look forward to. We can fill it immediately with “to do” things or we can follow our schedules but keep an eye open for opportunities to become what others need, reach out to those you can’t, and stop a moment instead of walking past.

Each and every day will not be a “pollyanna” type of ritual. It will be a time of being available for what is really important in life and what will count inrepparttar 123872 end. Whatever comes along can be dealt with or handled however seems appropriate. There are always small “hidden” treasures of a moment or two to say “thank you” and “please.” A smile doesn’t even use up a second, but its glow will reach intorepparttar 123873 ages. A sincere handshake will move mountains, and a loving meal will feedrepparttar 123874 soul as well asrepparttar 123875 body. Time is what you make it - use it however you choose - but you can’t stop it from ticking. Today’s opportunities will not be there tomorrow. A missed chance at being someone’s mentor, friend, or lean-on may never come our way again.

Our treasure chests are filled withrepparttar 123876 jewels of hours andrepparttar 123877 rubies of days. Hidden or squandered they fade and vanish. Used, they emit a glow that will light uprepparttar 123878 entire solar system. If there is life on other planets, I do hope our beam of time will brighten their day and give them hope to know that time is what you make of it, not what it does to you. ENJOY! ©Arleen M. Kaptur 2002 June http://www.arleenssite.com http://www.Arleens-RusticLiving.com

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