10 ways to enjoy your stress more.

Written by Michael Dimas

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6. Motivate yourself with good feelings for a change! Many people motivate themselves with bad feelings! Even worse, they frequently motivate themselves to do what they don't want or enjoy! Use pleasant voice tones to talk inside your head. Use them to talk with others also. Think ofrepparttar enjoyment associated with completion of a project instead ofrepparttar 139736 many steps required. Focus onrepparttar 139737 benefits of what/why you are doingrepparttar 139738 activity rather than on any unpleasantness associated with it. Also focus on how good it will feel to be done with project and on to other things you enjoy even more.

7. Eat real food that protects your body from stress. Junk food decreases your body's ability to deal with stress. It also weakens your immune system so that you are weaker and more vulnerable to injury and/or illness. Ditto for alcohol and other self defeating habits. Exercise is close torepparttar 139739 magic bullet or fountain of youth. Make sure you get enough to make a major difference in your health/fitness levels. What isrepparttar 139740 best exercise? Something that you enjoy enough to do several times a week for a lifetime.

8. Procrastinate until you feel better. You've been told that procrastination is a bad thing. You've been told wrong! I'm here to tell you that procrastination is one ofrepparttar 139741 greatest skills a person can develop. Imagine your life rapidly improving by procrastinating your usual responses like anger or discouragement. I know you want to get mad at your kids and I'm sure they deserve it, but for now, let's just procrastinate. We'll get mad at them Saturday or maybe next week. That yummy junk food is beginning to talk to you...well, since you are a procrastinator, let's just procrastinaterepparttar 139742 eatingrepparttar 139743 junk until we are full from eating something healthier and don't want it. I know that sometimes you have a tough day and people are not sensitive to your needs but since you can procrastinate so well perhaps we could put offrepparttar 139744 discouragement untilrepparttar 139745 Fourth of July or your maternal aunt's birthday.

9. You are special. Start acting like it. There is nobody else like you. You are truly unique. Never inrepparttar 139746 history of our planet has there been another you. There will never be another you inrepparttar 139747 eons of eternity that make uprepparttar 139748 future. Never. You are one of a kind. When God made you He was simply showing off. Now, go do great things. You deserve them and are fully capable.

10. Everybody else is special too. Start treating them that way. Everything in # 9 above applies to everyone. Yes, evenrepparttar 139749 boneheads. The reason they are boneheads is that they don't know how special they are...yet. Your purpose in life could include teaching them. Remember: we did not come to this planet to fail. We came here to succeed on a massive scale doingrepparttar 139750 right thing inrepparttar 139751 right way forrepparttar 139752 right reason while having a spectacularly good time helpingrepparttar 139753 others.

Michael Dimas is a performance consultant, workshop leader, motivational speaker, personal coach, health & fitness mentor. He teaches a variety of programs designed to empower your body, mind & spirit. He is known for his high energy presentations, irreverant attitude and deeply caring for others seeking to make changes in their lives. Web: www.selfchangetechnologies.com Email: michael@selfchangetechnologies.com


Written by Laurent Grenier

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What strange whim, inrepparttar history of humankind, has compelled people from every walk of life to leave their cozy home and embark on risky ventures? Perhaps this whim is not so strange after all. A multitude of conquests have been made forrepparttar 139713 sheer joy of conquering against great odds. The operative word is pride, accompanied by excitement. To conquest-minded peoplerepparttar 139714 infinite ease of heaven entails infinite boredom. To them life – together withrepparttar 139715 struggle that is integral to it – isrepparttar 139716 very thing that perfect happiness leaves to be desired. It is an opportunity to prove courageous and victorious, though it is also a risk of failing painfully.

Happiness is about grasping this opportunity with courage and gaining a victory overrepparttar 139717 obstacles that stand between us and success in allrepparttar 139718 activities that most matter to us. This victory is often strenuous and always limited, precarious, and transitory, and we are bound to loserepparttar 139719 battle inrepparttar 139720 end; but that makesrepparttar 139721 victory allrepparttar 139722 more precious and worthy of savoring.

When trying to definerepparttar 139723 activities in which we most care to succeed, we are forced to study our nature to know our purpose. Our growing wise depends on this study and this knowledge, leading to this definition. It begins with an awareness of our animal will to survive, as survival isrepparttar 139724 foundation on which life, inrepparttar 139725 truly human sense, is built. The awareness of life in this sense follows. It takes into account both our humanity and our individuality, as members of society with particular tastes and abilities to which a wide range of activities are suited.

The clearer we are about our purpose,repparttar 139726 more we can live our lives with determination and passion, and so with a greater chance of succeeding and achieving happiness. The reverse is equally true. It therefore stands to reason that in striving after wisdom we layrepparttar 139727 groundwork for success and happiness.

Laurent Grenier’s career as a full-time writer and philosopher spans over twenty years. He has released various articles in art and philosophical magazines. He has also written some philosophical essays, a collection of memories and thoughts, and a compendium of physiology and nutrition, still unpublished. “A Reason for Living” constitutes his best work to date.

Official web site: http://laurentgrenier.com/ARFL.html

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