10 tips to for selecting the perfect Costa Rica vacation rental

Written by Paul Orr

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Some people feel that a great vacation is being able to walk or bicycle everywhere. Others don’t mind a short drive, and still others think nothing of getting on a freeway to enjoy attractions.

If you prefer a vacation withoutrepparttar hassles of traffic, parking problems, crowds and long lines, select a villa located inrepparttar 147257 quaint waterfront town of Playa Panama, Costa Rica. Visit http://www.costarica-vacation-getaway.com to learn more.

4. Identify your first, second and third choice of dates for rentingrepparttar 147258 villa. With several dates, you’ll save time when making arrangements.

If you find a villa that you really want and you have some flexibility in scheduling, having alternate dates ready allows you to book right then, saving yourselfrepparttar 147259 time and hassle of having to re-check everyone’s schedule and call back – and risking losing those dates inrepparttar 147260 interim.

5. Callrepparttar 147261 telephone numbers forrepparttar 147262 vacation rentals that seem to meet your needs and speak directly with eitherrepparttar 147263 owners orrepparttar 147264 person who is handlingrepparttar 147265 property.

Be prepared with a list of questions. This allows you to compare apples to apples, and keeps you from forgetting something important duringrepparttar 147266 conversation.

It also gives you a feel forrepparttar 147267 person who will be your contact should you rentrepparttar 147268 villa and then encounter a problem. If you don’t get a warm, friendly welcome to your inquiries, don’t expect anything different when you have a problem.

6. Ask what amenities are included. You may learn of something that’s not on your list but is perfect for your plans. Doesrepparttar 147269 rental have maid service? Last thing you want to do is makerepparttar 147270 beds or cleanrepparttar 147271 dishes, even if there is a dishwasher. Doesrepparttar 147272 rental have a washer and dryer? If so, you will not have to take as many cloths with you. Willrepparttar 147273 maid wash your cloths before your departure? Coming home with a suitcase full of clean cloths is certainly a benefit.

Other things to consider: Is there a welcome basket? Willrepparttar 147274 owner have essential items inrepparttar 147275 refrigerator for you, before your arrival? Can you make arrangements for tours? Are there plates, utensils, pots, pans and other essentials for eating and meal preparation – or will you have to bring your own? Doesrepparttar 147276 rental have air condition or do you have to depend onrepparttar 147277 winds to comfort you?

7. Inquire about restaurants, events and activities and other forms of local entertainment that are close by. Here’s where your list of preferred activities comes in handy. You should be able to find links to local attractions, calendars and restaurants onrepparttar 147278 website of your Costa Rica vacation rental.

8. Arerepparttar 147279 owners local or do they have a management team helping 24/7? Owners are a wealth of information aboutrepparttar 147280 area and can give you tips on great out-of-the-way places that aren’t inrepparttar 147281 guidebooks. They also care about your enjoyment and comfort while at their villa.

This can make a huge difference; especially should something need immediate attention inrepparttar 147282 villa. There’s nothing worse than callingrepparttar 147283 rental company about a stopped-up toilet and getting somebody’s bored teenager who’s manningrepparttar 147284 phones forrepparttar 147285 summer.

9. How long hasrepparttar 147286 owner been renting vacation rentals? Ifrepparttar 147287 owner has worked with rental properties, they know what tenants expect and how to get things done.

If this is a new venture, beware. The owner may be in it for “fun” and have no idea how to preparerepparttar 147288 villa so that you can have a great vacation.

10. And last, when you look atrepparttar 147289 pictures, can you see yourself having a great time there?

Ifrepparttar 147290 pictures make you want to go right now, andrepparttar 147291 answers torepparttar 147292 questions above meet your satisfaction, you’ve found yourself a great Costa Rica vacation rental!

Paul has been traveling to Costa Rica since 2001. Purchased property 2001 and built a villa in 2002. Handles villa rentals for five additional villas. Two, three, four and five bedroom villa's available. www.costarica-vacation-getaway.com info@costarica-vacation-getaway.com

What you need to know about – Disney world

Written by Mansi gupta

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The Exclusive set of Activities Life is different when you are at any ofrepparttar Disneyland themeparks. The parks are not premeditated just to amuse and absorbrepparttar 147206 kids but also to makerepparttar 147207 adults take delight in their vacations. Those who are tired of rides and water games can take pleasure in some ofrepparttar 147208 world’s best designed golf courses in Orlando. You can even go for sightseeing in Southeast and Southern California. Not to forget arerepparttar 147209 revitalizing spas that allow you to put your feet up and bathe in perfect tranquility. Some ofrepparttar 147210 wonderful spas are nestled nearrepparttar 147211 Disneyland of Florida and California.

Whenrepparttar 147212 adults have so much to explore, for kidsrepparttar 147213 happiness is unparalleled. Moreover, it is a bumper bonanza if your birthday falls during your trip for every Disneyland has some special proviso forrepparttar 147214 birthdays. Apart from birthdays, Christmas season isrepparttar 147215 crowning time to celebrate in allrepparttar 147216 Disney parks especially forrepparttar 147217 Florida and California Disneyland. There are a horde of other activities like tea parties for kids with their favorite cartoon characters, camping with them and even cooking classes forrepparttar 147218 tiny hands to develop some skills and taste for cooking. The disabled children too can have their complete share of enjoyment forrepparttar 147219 Disney themeparks are equipped with disabled friendly devices like wheelchairs, Braille guides and so forth. The temptation ofrepparttar 147220 place has also invited cruiseliners to it. This lends you an opportunity to visit your child’s dream destination along withrepparttar 147221 remarkable everlasting experience of a cruise. Special preparations are made forrepparttar 147222 couples and those who want to enjoy in isolation fromrepparttar 147223 rest.

Once you make up your mind to holiday at any ofrepparttar 147224 Disney theme parks,repparttar 147225 entire information about it can be collected throughrepparttar 147226 internet or traveling agencies. Although every Disney world, be it for Florida, California, Tokyo or Paris is surrounded by all range of hotels (budget friendly to expensive) yet it is prudent to get reservations beforehand. Get Ready to Discoverrepparttar 147227 Child in You…Go Disney !

Mansi gupta writes about disney world topics.

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