10 things you could be using Photoshop for but probably aren't.

Written by Shaun Pearce

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6. Designing Web Banners and Buttons. Photoshop comes with a predefined web banner sized canvas. Photoshop's sister application, Image Ready, comes with several - and lots of tools for animating text and pictures. You can also create interactive buttons that enhance a web browsing experience.

7. Adding Text to Photographs. Impress your boss by puttingrepparttar company name onrepparttar 138802 side of an airliner, building, or racing car. Userepparttar 138803 Move Tool to skewrepparttar 138804 text to fitrepparttar 138805 contours ofrepparttar 138806 picture, adjustrepparttar 138807 opacity a little, and hey presto! The text will look like it's always been part ofrepparttar 138808 photo.

8. Combining Pictures, Text, and Graphics to Make Covers for Books, Reports and CDs. Photoshop contains many ofrepparttar 138809 image manipulation capabilities of high-end DTP applications that cost thousands. Userepparttar 138810 "Layer via Cut" command to make your title text go behind part ofrepparttar 138811 picture - just like onrepparttar 138812 cover of "Rolling Stone."

9. Designing Web Pages. Did you know that Photoshop and Image Ready can turn your photograph or artwork into a web page? Userepparttar 138813 slice tool to cut your work into easily downloadable pieces, thenrepparttar 138814 rollover function to embed website URLs.

10. Combining Pictures to Makerepparttar 138815 Impossible Possible. Come on! You didn't seriously think that Michael Moore and President George W. Bush really stood hand in hand onrepparttar 138816 White House lawn forrepparttar 138817 Fahrenheit 9/11 poster, did you? I don't know for certain that they used Photoshop to fake that picture, but they certainly could have done. With Photoshop you can removerepparttar 138818 background from one picture, take some elements from another, and combine them withrepparttar 138819 background from a third to create a picture that could never have been taken for real. Who saysrepparttar 138820 camera can't lie!

Shaun Pearce is a writer and video maker. His latest production, "Photoshop Master", is an interactive video tutorial. It shows you how to get the most from Photoshop, and can be downloaded from http://www.learnphotoshopfast.com?=art01

The Australian Software Company releases new SQL Delta Version 3.1

Written by TASC

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Owner Mapping

SQL Delta 3.1 now provides object ownership mapping and now it is possible to perform comparisons between databases with different users and different ownership configurations. The user can map on a user to user basis or a many to one user basis and there is no limit torepparttar number of users that can be mapped.

Other New Features

Improved tools such as “star view” checking to ensure all views that may use “select * ..” are up to date and a qualify names tool for checking to see if stored procedures include qualified names, therefore ensuringrepparttar 138739 best performance from your server.

Founded in 1991, The Australian Software Company (TASC) is an Information Technology solutions provider developing customer orientated applications. Over the past years we have developed a vast range of software applications

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