10 Work at Home Niches You Can Use Today

Written by Trent Brownrigg

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7) Being Full of Energy - Energy is something we all lack at one time or another. Energy drinks are a hot item right now. It seems a new one comes out about every week and people buy them like crazy. Your home based business could target them or other energy products like caffeine, energy inducing diet plans, sleep theory, etc...

8) Being in Fashion - Most people want to be trendy and in fashion, especiallyrepparttar younger generation. Your home business website could target niches about fashion information, clothing products, clothing accessories, celebrity trends, etc... aimed at people under 40. Or you could separaterepparttar 149229 niche and target all age ranges.

9) Be Intelligent/Smart - Many people prefer to be recognized as being intelligent or smart. Your home based business could target niches like increasing grade point averages, continuing education, raising IQ, increasing mind power, vocabulary, speed reading, etc...

10) Being in/Finding Love - Most people want to be in love or loved. They also seek to avoid those things that harm it. Such as getting a divorce, breaking up, etc... You could work at home while making people happier by targeting niches like relationship counseling, dating services, single bars, and other "love" products.

There you have it... ten niches you can use right now to start working at home or expand your current home based business with. Break them up, mix and match them, use them to generate other ideas, or do anything else you want with them. Just get going on making your work at home dreams come to life today.

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Paper Shredding Business Opportunities - An Expanding Field

Written by Randy Wilson

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Even in this electronic age, there are still things that will be in paper form. Recorded documents and legal papers are still required to have pen and ink signature. Many companies are even having computer components such as hard drives and floppy disks shredded for security purposes. The federal government requires such stringent privacy laws due to identity theft and fraud, that nearly any document with a name and address on it must be destroyed after a certain period of time. This continuing process virtually guarantees that a confidential paper disposal service would thrive inrepparttar right hands.

Time limits for document destruction will play in your favor as well. Nearly every set of documents has a different holding date. For example, resumes and cover letters have a hold date of one year, ifrepparttar 149167 applicant was not hired. Hired applicants can have part of their file destroyed in three years, for example,repparttar 149168 application and some privacy statements. Corporations as well as individuals are required to keep tax records on file for three years. Companies that process financial data, such as banks and paid tax services, will always have documents that are in need of destruction. This gives yourepparttar 149169 perfect opportunity for a home employment paper shredding business.

Things to consider when thinking about a paper shredding business will depend on what type of service you wish to offer. Having a fixed location where people can bring their records to you for destruction is one idea. However, it is worth considering purchasing a mobile shredding unit in addition to this or even asrepparttar 149170 sole business operation. Mobile paper shredding will allow you to be even more flexible to your clients needs.

The demand in this industry will only be growing inrepparttar 149171 coming years as laws and policies change. It is clear that this is a growing enterprise. Be it on site shredding with a mobile shredding unit, or a permanent paper shredding location, you can be sure that there is a public in need of this critical service.

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