10 Winning Ezine Publishing Tips

Written by Ken Hill

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7. Provide a bonus or freebie for subscribing to your ezine. You could provide ebooks, email courses, or access to your membership site as a bonus for subscribing.

8. Provide your subscribers with special sales on advertising in your ezine.

Your subscriber only specials will help you to get more of your subscribers to purchase ads forrepparttar first time and will also help you to get more of your subscribers to advertise in your ezine on a consistent basis.

9. Promote affiliate programs to your subscribers by recommending their products.

If you've already gainedrepparttar 124197 trust of your subscribers, writing recommendations will be very effective in increasing your commissions. Only recommend products that you know deliver.

10. Swap recommendations with other ezine publishers.

You could recommend another publisher's ezine in your own words in exchange for that publisher doingrepparttar 124198 same for you.

You could also set up a recommended ezine section where you and several other ezine publishers promote each other's ezines.

In addition, you could successfully increase your subscriptions by swapping recommendations in your welcome message or on your "thank you" page that your new subscribers are taken to after subscribing to your ezine.

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Cowboy Central Rewards NRHA Exhibitors

Written by National Reining Horse Assocation

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The Cowboy Central Exhibitor Rewards program-qualifying period is January 1 through September 6, 2004 for North American affiliate shows and January 1 through May 31, 2004 for European affiliate shows. For more information aboutrepparttar Cowboy Central Exhibitor Rewards program, please log on torepparttar 124196 NRHA web site at www.NRHA.com. The National Reining Horse Association isrepparttar 124197 governing body of reining, responsible for promotingrepparttar 124198 sport, working to ensurerepparttar 124199 highest standards of competition. With corporate support from Cinch, Cowboy Central, Profile Nutrition, Horse & Rider magazine, Markel Insurance, Quarter Horse News, Kiser Arena Specialists, Houston Embryo Transfer Center, Classic Equine, Bloomer Trailer Mfg., Cowboy Tack, John Vance Auto Group, LaQuinta Inns & Suites andrepparttar 124200 Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau,repparttar 124201 NRHA continues to educate its members andrepparttar 124202 public about reining. For information onrepparttar 124203 NRHA orrepparttar 124204 sport of Reining visit www.nrha.com or call 405-946-7400.

NRHA Marketing & Communications Contact: Lisa Garza 3000 NW 10th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107-5302 Tel: 405-946-7400, Fax: 405-946-8610 E-Mail: lgarza@nrha.com or Web site: www.nrha.com

Cowboy Central - Official Saddle of the National Reining Horse Assocation

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