10 Web Site Add-Ons That Can Catapult Traffic!

Written by Larry Dotson

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7. Add a free link page to your web site. People will visit your web site to place their own link and to look at other people's links.

8. Add an "about us" page to your web site. People will visit your web site to read about your business and yourself.

9. Add a guest book to your web site. People will visit your web site to leave their opinions about your business and to list their signature file.

10. Add a free software download page to your web site. People will visit your web site to find new software that will make their life easier.

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Written by Laraine Anne Barker

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Some ofrepparttar unfriendliest web sites I've visited, incidentally, have been done with various versions of Microsoft FrontPage. When I mentioned this to a friend who knows more about web design than most professional designers, he made me laugh by replying with unrestrained vehemence that FrontPage is "evil". But statistics can always be twisted to say what you want them to say. The truth in this instance is probably that this program is simply more popular than others. And I have visited some very attractive sites made with FrontPage.

If you want to use web-creation software, then by all means do so. But first learnrepparttar 134763 basics of writing HTML, if only so you can get rid of allrepparttar 134764 redundant code (not to mention some necessary code that FrontPage leaves out, just because Explorer for Windows can do without it!) There are many tutorials you can use. You might like to try Alan Levine's excellent one, which can be downloaded at http://www.mcli.dist.maricopa.edu ut/. It works exactly like a web site and you learn by creating a web site all about volcanoes.

I must confess that if you've explored my site thoroughly you will have noticed I've broken several of my own rules: my home page background is different from allrepparttar 134765 other pages; there are a few pages with purely decorative graphics in place of dividing lines; and elsewhere I used all capitals for my heading. But I'm not telling you which pages these latter are on!

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