10 Ways to Find Time for Your Lover

Written by Karla Brandau, CSP

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3. Block time out during lunch for a telephone call torepparttar one you love. A warm message or a listening ear can be great to lessenrepparttar 125485 stress of morning work and grueling commitments.

4. If you make a commitment to attend an event with your special one, don’t breakrepparttar 125486 commitment. This example doesn’t strictly fitrepparttar 125487 “lover” scenario, but Sean Penn, winner of a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in Mystic River, missedrepparttar 125488 2004 Golden Globe Awards because he had promised his daughterrepparttar 125489 evening out. He wouldn’t break that promise. Producer Clint Eastwood acceptedrepparttar 125490 award for him.

5. Don’t take your time together on weekends for granted. Plan something special neither of you will want to miss: a trip torepparttar 125491 museum,repparttar 125492 park, a movie,repparttar 125493 zoo,repparttar 125494 beach…

6. Include your lover in routine activities but dorepparttar 125495 routine activities in a playful mood. Cooking a meal together becomes a fun event if it is peppered with lively conversation. Start this way: “Tell me something funny that happened to you today.”

7. When you are together, be there -- mentally as well as physically. There is nothing worse than looking loving in your sweetheart’s eyes and finding a distant look.

8. Hire people to give you more time to share love. There are great time benefits to hiring help with yard work, house cleaning, dog walking, buying gifts, etc.

9. Userepparttar 125496 reverse scheduling technique: plan when you need to leave work to have time for your lover. Estimaterepparttar 125497 time it will take to do each item on your to do list, then plot your time backwards fromrepparttar 125498 time you want to leave work.

10. Remember to closerepparttar 125499 door on your professional life when you leave work. Openrepparttar 125500 door to your personal relationships: enjoyrepparttar 125501 time with your lover.

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Era of Throwaway Lyrics

Written by Austin Akalanze

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It was a global phenomenon. There was cross grafting of genre across national boundaries. The world was onrepparttar move, driven byrepparttar 125484 rhythms andrepparttar 125485 beats ofrepparttar 125486 time. But what was drivingrepparttar 125487 rhythms andrepparttar 125488 beats andrepparttar 125489 people behind them? - The turmoil ofrepparttar 125490 time.

The sixties were a period of great upheavals. Freedom movements in Africa, liberation struggles in South America, civil rights marches in North America, labor movements in Europe, political emancipation struggles inrepparttar 125491 Caribbean, - all providedrepparttar 125492 impetus forrepparttar 125493 rhythm change andrepparttar 125494 performers were inrepparttar 125495 vanguard. Using their creativity and artistry andrepparttar 125496 circumstances of their time they created classics that elevatedrepparttar 125497 spirit. Whether it was about war or politics or love, there was an element of subtlety that gaverepparttar 125498 listenersrepparttar 125499 opportunity to dream. They were limited only by their imagination.

The sonorous sixties were an era redolent of a great musical renaissance. And regardless ofrepparttar 125500 culture orrepparttar 125501 geographical location ofrepparttar 125502 songs, there seemed to be a common thread running through them, --repparttar 125503 lyrics were not throwaway words. They were words that aroused your humanity and agitated your conscience. They were evergreens, destined to standrepparttar 125504 tests and rigors of time.

But that was as it should be. Good music must, regardless of culture or era, standrepparttar 125505 test of time. It should elevaterepparttar 125506 mouth that sings andrepparttar 125507 ear that hears. It should be a vehicle for positive change and above all appeal torepparttar 125508 higher self. Anchored on that premise, what shall we then say ofrepparttar 125509 nineties andrepparttar 125510 present? With due respect, withrepparttar 125511 exception of a few, not much except that it was an era that ushered in a gang of hollow and lackluster musicians. It was an era whenrepparttar 125512 clean lyrics ofrepparttar 125513 sixties were smeared with obscenity. There seemed to be a preoccupation among musicians on lewdness and vulgarity. This is self-evident in some of their lyrics and videos.

How did this happen? The answer is simple. Althoughrepparttar 125514 issues-- poverty, inequality, injustice, war, death, love, etc-- that inspired and impelledrepparttar 125515 revolutions ofrepparttar 125516 sixties are still very much alive, modern musicians tookrepparttar 125517 easy way, assaulting undiscriminating ears and eyes with baseness.

How have they done this? Through music videos. Whereasrepparttar 125518 artists ofrepparttar 125519 sixties had no medium other than sound, today’s artists haverepparttar 125520 added advantage of visual images. Hiding behind seductive graphics, they pass off trash and mediocre songs as hits. The artists ofrepparttar 125521 sixties did not have that privilege. They understood thatrepparttar 125522 distance between success and failure was as far asrepparttar 125523 distance betweenrepparttar 125524 ears andrepparttar 125525 brain and they worked hard to reduce it. Today’s artists do not have to work that hard. There is alwaysrepparttar 125526 video for a cheap bail out.

While today’s artists may win Oscars and Grammies, it is doubtful whether many of those award winners can standrepparttar 125527 tests and rigors of time. When it comes torepparttar 125528 performing arts, time isrepparttar 125529 best judge. One thing though is certain: that this truly is an era of throwaway lyrics.

Austin Akalanze is an Educator, Poet and Freelance writer and webmaster at http://www.power-profit-systems.com/pips.html He writes in from Dallas Texas.

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