10 Ways Writing Articles Can Improve Your Business

Written by Dean Shainin

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7. Give people an instant article directory. Tell visitors they can instantly add a free article directory to their web site by linking to yours. All those links can add up to a large amount of traffic to your web site.

8. Post your articles in related online communities. This can give you free advertising in newsgroups, forums and e-mail discussion lists.

9. Allow people to include your articles in their free e-books. Your article could end up being in 20 to 30 e-books in no time. You won't even have to promoterepparttar e-books.

10. Let people access your articles by autorepsonder. Include your full page e-mail ad withrepparttar 148314 article.

There are many ideas on writing articles that can help improve your business. The most important thing is to just get started writing your articles and to get them submitted.

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hat you must know about selling online to Europe

Written by Ashley Shameli

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Items which by their nature can not be returned are also exempt. We make it clear in our shipping & returns panel for both of our businesses that we can not accept returns for body jewellery or earrings with Purdice Jewellery and bath products for Purdice Home.

Another exception vital for internet retailers is where goods are liable to deteriorate rapidly. Fresh food goes rotten very quickly and a right to return may be of little use torepparttar retailer ifrepparttar 148138 food arrives in a rotten condition. One must remember thatrepparttar 148139 seven day refund applies to otherwise good items whichrepparttar 148140 purchaser simply no longer wants. This exception is therefore vital for businesses to operate profitably.

Music CDs, videos or DVDs which have been opened also can not be returned – this time for patently obvious reasons.

So what happens if goods are returned then? Let’s look atrepparttar 148141 final step, step five.

Step Five

Sorepparttar 148142 purchaser wants to returnrepparttar 148143 goods and there are no exceptions which restrict them being returned? The law,repparttar 148144 prospect of future business andrepparttar 148145 desire to create a reputation for excellent service all compel you to makerepparttar 148146 refund as effortless as possible.

The first step asrepparttar 148147 e commerce retailer is to getrepparttar 148148 goods back. The law ensures thatrepparttar 148149 purchaser has to financerepparttar 148150 safe return ofrepparttar 148151 goods. We strongly suggest you make this clear fromrepparttar 148152 start in your shipping & returns panels – we do for both our information panels for our silver jewellery and home related businesses.

Furthermore,repparttar 148153 goods must have been looked-after with a reasonable level of care and returned with care. If they are poorly packaged and damaged in transit or lost in transit you probably do not have to refundrepparttar 148154 purchaser. We always recommend items are fully insured when returned.

Assuming you receiverepparttar 148155 returned goods in a fit conditionrepparttar 148156 final step isrepparttar 148157 refund.

The law requires you to refundrepparttar 148158 purchaser as soon as possible and no longer than 30 days afterrepparttar 148159 notice of cancellation. Remember this is 30 days and not 30 working days.

You may, asrepparttar 148160 retailer, deductrepparttar 148161 initial postage costs fromrepparttar 148162 total returned.

In Summary

I know this can be quite hard to follow but I have broken it down into simple steps. In realityrepparttar 148163 law enforcesrepparttar 148164 fairest position for everyone. It protects purchasers by allowing them to get a refund if they ask shortly after purchase. It protects retailers by providing exceptions from making a refund where items are not looked after, have gone-off or would be unsuitable for sale if returned.

It is vital to note that disputes may still arise where goods are faulty or whererepparttar 148165 seven day notice is given outside ofrepparttar 148166 time limit byrepparttar 148167 purchaser. If this isrepparttar 148168 case legal action may follow so do not always think that asrepparttar 148169 retailerrepparttar 148170 seven day period protects you.

Either way only use this article as a guide. Always consult a lawyer before making changes to legal aspects of your website such as your terms and conditions and shipping and returns. As a guide you may viewrepparttar 148171 terms and conditions for Purdice Home here and for Purdice Jewellery here. If you wish to replicate any part of them please contact me first.

Ashley Shameli, the author of this article, is a director of Purdice LTD. He can be contacted through either of the Purdice websites.

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