10 Ways Writing Articles Can Improve Your Business

Written by Ahmad Munawwar Rahmat

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5. Combine a few of your articles together into a free report. Give awayrepparttar free report as a bonus for buying your main product or service.

6. Publish a book with all your articles. Make extra money sellingrepparttar 140494 book from your web site.

7. Give people an instant article directory. Tell visitors they can instantly add a free article directory to their web site by linking to yours. All those links can add up to a large amount of traffic to your web site.

8. Post your articles in related online communities. This can give you free advertising in newsgroups, forums and e-mail discussion lists.

9. Allow people to include your articles in their free e-books. Your article could end up being in 20 to 30 e-books in no time. You won't even have to promoterepparttar 140495 e-books.

10. Let people access your articles by autorepsonder. Include your full page e-mail ad withrepparttar 140496 article.

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Written by staff@jupon.co.uk

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Jupon lists sites within 24 hours of submission, ifrepparttar site is not listed within 24 hoursrepparttar 140493 submitter is refundedrepparttar 140494 full amount.

Jupon charges 10.00 or $19.00 per submission, we also run different types of advertising schemes and premium links.

A mum who has started to run her own directory listed quality sites edited by quality editors.

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