10 Ways To Start An Internet Salesletter

Written by Ray L. Edwards

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7. Offer a free report

This will work best with higher ticket items. In this case you wantrepparttar prospects to send forrepparttar 108046 "special report" that will further sell them on your product or service. The report must not be pitched as a salesletter but as providing genuine information thatrepparttar 108047 reader can benefit from

8. Pinpointrepparttar 108048 reader's problem

Most products or services provide a solution to a problem. You can therefore startrepparttar 108049 letter by statingrepparttar 108050 problem that your product solves. This will immediately qualifyrepparttar 108051 reader and provide a logical transition forrepparttar 108052 letter in explaining howrepparttar 108053 product solvesrepparttar 108054 problem inrepparttar 108055 next section.

9. State your strongest benefit

If your strongest benefit has a real striking appeal to your prospect then you may start by stating this benefit upfront. This benefit must reach out torepparttar 108056 reader's self-interest and go beyond just addressing a feature of your product. Copywriters commonly refer to this as sellingrepparttar 108057 sizzle and notrepparttar 108058 steak. Just think about it, if your strongest value you are offeringrepparttar 108059 reader doesn't capture his interest thenrepparttar 108060 others will fail also.

10. Offer some 'secret', privileged information

You can make an offer that is not open torepparttar 108061 'general public' but only to a select few. This will work well with your present customer base who may receive this announcement ahead of other people. The point here is thatrepparttar 108062 reader feels special because they are gettingrepparttar 108063 'inside deal'. This will also work well with any select group such as new subscribers, repeat buyers or any group you care to 'invent'.

This list is not exhaustive but shows those techniques that I find most effective as I create salescopy for my online clients. If you fail to grabrepparttar 108064 reader's attention in those precious few opening seconds thenrepparttar 108065 entire battle is lost. The majority of online readers simply scan before they choose to readrepparttar 108066 entire letter. Ifrepparttar 108067 start ofrepparttar 108068 letter doesn't capture their attention then they are lost for good.

Sometimesrepparttar 108069 conversion rate for a website can be drastically increased by just changingrepparttar 108070 opening paragraph forrepparttar 108071 copy. Use anyone of these ten techniques to boost your online sales.

Ray L. Edwards is a published author, copywriter and internet marketing consultant. He has made tens of thousands of dollars for his copywriting clients. Being an online marketer himself,he understands what it takes to sell online and welcomes your inquiry about his master copywriting service. http://www.webcopy-writing.com

Top 7 psychological triggers for unlimited sales

Written by Carl Cholette

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Psychological trigger #5: FEAR

Fear is a powerful trigger. Just look atrepparttar news for example. Inrepparttar 108045 months before Y2K peoples were buying food, water, caddles lights and lots of other products... just based on fear! The same thing happen with war... it's fear that controls most of our actions.

Psychological trigger #6: ENTHUSIASM

You need to be full of positive energy about what you are doing or selling to your prospects and clients. Without this energy you won't be able to transfer your message effectively. Your sales letter will look and feel dull with no power.

Psychological trigger #7: TELLING THE TRUTH

Peoples appreciate honesty. Even though sometimes it can be painful. If you are honest and sincere, peoples will respect you for it. Peoples always found out eventually about lies. And when they do, all trust will be gone!

Here you have it,repparttar 108046 top 7 Psychological triggers. Use them in your next sales copy or e-mails and see how it influence your sales in a positive way!

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Carl Cholette is an internet marketer, motivational coach, fitness trainer and syndicated author. He has a degree in business and a passion for fitness, psychology and sales. Visit http://www.myinfobiz.net/goarticles1.htm to learn how to use psychological tactics to double or triple your sales!

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