10 Ways To Lose A Sale!

Written by Larry Dotson

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7. You don't let people read your ad before they get your freebie. When you use free stuff to lure people to your web site include it below your ad copy or on another web page. If you listrepparttar freebie above your ad they may never look to see what you're selling.

8. You don't attractrepparttar 127299 target audience that would buy your product or service. A simple way to do this is to survey your existing customers to see what attracted them to buy. This information will help you improve your target marketing and advertising.

9. You don't test and improve your ad copy. There are many people who write an ad copy and never change it. You have to continually test and improve your ad copy to getrepparttar 127300 highest possible response rate.

10. You don't give people any urgency to buy now. Many people are interested in your product but they put off buying it till later and eventually forget about it. Entice them to buy now with a freebie or discount and include a deadline date whenrepparttar 127301 offer ends.

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Words Sell

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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An image will make your page more attractive, but don't include one unless it has a purpose, and will help closerepparttar sale. A large image that takes a long time to load will many times have repparttar 127298 reverse effect of what is desired. Ifrepparttar 127299 visitor simply "clicks away" from your web page becauserepparttar 127300 image loads slowly, it is defeating its purpose.

Some guru's recommend power words like "free" or "earn without work", but these terms have been overused. While power words may still have a place in your "teaser" ads, you should use down to earth language at your web site. The words must be vibrant and alive, drivingrepparttar 127301 person towardrepparttar 127302 desired outcome.

You must learn how to write persuasive words specifically written for your targeted customer. If your target market is professionals, write your message geared to them. Remember however thatrepparttar 127303 vocabulary of many potential customers may be limited, so don't use words that will not be understood byrepparttar 127304 average person. Avoidrepparttar 127305 use of terms that will not be known by your prospects.

Your text should be written in a black, legible font with a light background, preferably white. While yellow text on a black background is "cute" you should avoid using fancy fonts or backgrounds that are difficult to read - people will simply "click away".

Remember - every word you use should have one specific purpose, and that is to lead your prospect to buy you are selling . When writing sales copy, use words like "you" and "your" - write as if you are speaking with just one person -- one on one.

Finally, be aware that many Internet users are apprehensive about making a purchase onrepparttar 127306 Internet. You must put your potential customers mind at ease by displaying your full name, company name and contact information. This will put their mind at ease by building their confidence in you and your product. While a picture may be worth a thousand words, it isrepparttar 127307 words that will sell.

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